I have always wanted to run a half marathon.

I have quite a few runner friends, some who compete multiple times a year, others who have made a name for themselves in New Zealand and then there are all of the “half marathon ticked off my bucket list” facebook posts I see time and time again or “1hr 51 smashed it”. I wanted that.
While running 2km this morning after 1 round of strength, as part of bootcamp, I realized why I have not ever run a half marathon.

It’s because I don’t really like running.

Don’t get me wrong, the orange sunrise at the top of Point View hill was gorgeous and uplifting… but I am not runner.

On reflection I wanted to complete a half marathon only because everyone else was doing it. But I am not a runner. I like HIIT, I like weights, yoga/pilates, short bursts of stair running, strap one kid on my back and the other in a pram and I will walk uphill for kms. But I am not a runner, so it feels good to no longer feel like I have to be one just because everyone else runs.

Not into zumba or bikram yoga either… happy to have tried these but they are not for me! It doesn’t matter what you like or dislike, try things and find YOUR thing.

It doesn’t matter how you move, just get up and move that body while you’re still able to. 

I often walk past a multi level retirement apartment block on the way to a playground nearby and I see people looking out the window at us. When I am in that position, as an old lady, I want to look back and know that I used my body while I could. I made the most of being capable. I worked out in appreciation of being able to work out, rather than because I hated the fat on the theighs.

Better organize that kayaking date which my fiance and I have been meaning to go on for the last 5 years… while we’re young(ish)



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