Good Morning Bootcamp!

Bootcamp – I have been going 2-3x a week (and sometimes 4) every week for 4 months.

Prepping the night before is key 👌

Tip: Have your phone with an alarm away from your bed. I always jump up to grab my alarm so it doesn’t wake anyone. This means I am out of bed!

Here is my set up on the coffee table so I can get out of the house stealth mode as before the kids wake up. This is what I prepare:

  • 500ml water with a fresh squeezed lemon
  • Shoes, socks, activewear
  • Drink bottle, keys, license, sweat towel, ventolin inhaler (this technogym sweat towel has a zip to hold said items)

So when I wake up, blurry eyed and unmotivated because the kids have been up all night or I stayed up too late to do an assignment (or both!) Then I don’t have to do any thinking. I get ready on auto pilot and go.

Tip: Fasted cardio is best for fat burning so get it done in the morning, if not bootcamp then an hour long walk. Lemon water before cardio is OK but no food.

Hot tip: When you get to bootcamp, don’t winge. Just get it done. It is hard at first but your fitness levels will increase with every class. Committment and consistency.

Post work out is a great time to take some deep breaths (to encourage your system to flip to the parasympathetic nervous system) and eat. Grab a nourishing brekkie being mindful of eating protein, complex carb and healthy fats. One coffee is ok too.

Here is my brekkie from this morning, but you could do protein powder in a smoothie or in oats instead. Eggs are great if you can eat those! 

Try for veges, protein and some avocado.

This is tofu, meatballs, pumpkin seeds, spinach, grated carrot, olives, avocado and a black coffee with almond milk.
You got this! 


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