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July 2016

Allergy Mums are always talking about the negatives. How about we talk about the things our kids CAN do with food? Or the things they CAN eat? What foods do they enjoy?? We could be creating little foodies out of our food conscious allergy kids. So instead of making them anxious around food, let’s create a love for it to empower them. Teach them to respect food, how it grows, how it’s bought, how it’s cooked safely.

johnny lemon tree.png
My two year old loves getting out and picking fruit, putting it in bags and carrying it inside. That’s his little hand on a warm winter day picking lemons from the lemon tree and giggling, saying “pop” when they come loose. When we make lemon cheesecake out of this he’ll be reminded of picking the lemons and he will squeeze the juice out, turn on the food processor then he’ll tell everyone how he made the cake.

comments lemon tree.png


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