Baby Poo

Yes! I’m going to go there and talk about baby poo. When you are responsible for another human, that includes being responsible for another person’s number ones, twos, threes and fours (what’s a four? To paint a picture for you, it involves the babies poor wee tummy having the gastro bug exit both ends).

So when your little one has a hard time passing a bowel motion, or they have a bowel motion which is a funny colour, as a Mumma we do take notice of it. We wonder what is normal, what is not and discuss with our friends (we all have that one friend who sends snaps of explosions! #3) or we go to the Drs if we are concerned.

My babies have both had all kinds of poo and we have treated them the best we can, learning a lot on the way. This is what I have learned.

  • Bristools Stool Chart – number 4 is normal. If baby is on solids, google and see where your babys poo lines up. 
  • Toddler belly” is a thing! It refers to constant diarrhea in toddlers. They can have this for days, weeks, months or even a couple of years! If they are otherwise well and their hydration levels are good, often they are left to it. This didn’t sit well with me. I asked my son’s dietician if toddler belly could be caused by too much fruit, as my then two year old drank so much coconut water and ate mountains of fruit every day. She replied, no there is no such thing as too much fruit. That us until she saw the huge quantity of fruit he was actually eating. The kid could put away entire punnets of blueberries in one sitting. She then said, just cut back on the fruit and see what happens. What do you know, it cleared up, mostly. Other Mums I talked to have said going dairy free worked for them, some gluten free diets have also been successful here apparently.
  • Green baby poo. This one is interesting because  it depends on the kind of green poo. Green poo with mucus is a sign of dairy intolerance or allergy. Clearing dairy 100% for a month minimum will clear this up. It can also be as simple as a breastfed baby can also experience green poo from the Mum’s breastmilk. Let me explain and also how to stop this from happening. Breastmilk is delivered in two stages, foremilk and hindmilk. The foremilk is delivered first, then the fatty hindmilk. The fatty hindmilk is what you want baby to have lots of. Too much foremilk can cause green colour in poo. So try expressing some off before feeding baby and also ensure baby drains one breast completely before switching sides.
  • Grunty, constipated baby. My baby Daisy was a grunter, we even nick named her grunty for a while there. She would grunt away all night and all day, looking quite uncomfortable. I know the GP says a breastfed baby can go up to 10 days without a bowel motion but I knew this wasn’t right. If a baby or child is really backed up you can feel on the left hand side of the abdomen a long, hard sausage type thing. This is baby’s stool. I had to do something, so instead of waiting around counting up to 10 days we talked to a midwife about what she does, she recommended 4ml of cooled boiled water every 4 hours, 4ml of fennel seed tea every 4 hours of awake time to flush out the stool, cutting dairy from Mummas diet, baby massage/bicycle legs is clockwise motions 4x a day and a little kombucha for Mum.
  • Hard, lumpy, pallet type poo. This is number one is bristools stool chart. It can indicate a lack of biodiversity in the gut and also a need for dietary changes. More fiber, more water, prebiotic and fermented foods, probiotics, kiwifruit.
  • Blood in stool. Take a photo and show it to your GP. If it keeps happening, it may be something in their diet which doesn’t agree with the child. If the Dr is not concerned, get a second opinion and keep a food/poo diary or an in and out diary! Sometimes it can help to have a visual to identify patterns which may be useful.

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