Shredding for the wedding Oct 2017 Update

I haven’t lost any weight! On the scales… 

Still way off where I would be happy, this is a before and progress shot, certainly not a before and after!!

First shot: 80kg, Second shot: 78kg 11 months apart.

I have lost a couple of dress sizes but in slow progress. 

Setbacks – had a tailbone injury which saw me totally unable to move. I saw 4 Drs who were unable to help, eventually being told I would be on crutches and pain meds the rest of the life. I was taken aback by this, really crushed and angry. My fiances colleague recommended an osteo who might be able to help. I went in not really knowing what to expect, I told him about how this pain started in pregnancy and had left me unable to move, sleep, somedays I couldn’t even walk. He just nodded and I thought, “is he even listening?”then he told me to lie face down on the bed. He placed an elbow on one side of my spine and lifted my leg straight up. I literally felt all my bone move from left to right and thought “omg I’m going to be paralyzed”. He said we were finished after only 5 minutes, and when I sat up I felt different.. the osteo smiled and told me to try walk, and it was amazing! I almost cried because I wasn’t in pain for the first time since I was pregnant! “It doesn’t hurt for the first time in a year!” I exclaimed. He told me to do rehab pilates,which I did under Auckland Physiotherapy’s Michelle Gall who was excellent! And now I am week 7 of bootcamp. I cant do all the moves yet due to my pelvis still feeling a little weak and unstable however it is strengthening up day by day, work out by work out.

I feel a little ripped off with losing the baby weight the second time around. I have worked 3x harder, spent 3x as much and loss 3x less weight than this time following my first pregnancy. But I haven’t given up. 

Now I do a HIIT bootcamp with Boot It Auckland 3x a week, walk where I can, and eat clean. I sometimes feel like a fraud when I do nutrition work because my body is not where I need it to be however I can totally relate with clients who are struggling and I now understand there is not one road to weight loss, there can’t be one set of guidelines to suit everyones stories and also to be kind and patient with myself. It isn’t always easy or straight forward.

I have 5 months to lose a couple more dress sizes. I will be stoked if I do but if I dont, well I tried my hardest and I am poud of having a fit and strong body.


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