It’s world breastfeeding week!

​It’s breastfeeding week. Here’s my bit for support as on the La Leche League NZ Page.

World breastfeeding week helps to normalize a natural human function which some people *still* think is weird or private. Newsflash, it is the biological norm. The mammatory glands that are the boobies are made to feed a baby.

As the meme goes, you won’t find me spraying my milk around a cafe on a tabletop while singing my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard but you will find me sitting on a couch nourishing my babies with breastmilk.

Thank you to Lesh Dearlove for sharing your story of breastfeeding a baby with food sensitivities:  I just wanted to share with you my breastfeeding story with the hopes that it might help others to breastfeed for longer. I found that there was very little support around baby food intolerances/allergies and breastfeeding on our journey. 

After months of painful trial and error trying to figure out what my baby was intolerant of/allergic to we finally pin pointed not one but several triggers. We have cut out dairy, soya, eggs, nuts, wheat, gluten and nightshades from our diet. 

What a relief that was! It should have been as easy as myself and baby avoiding the food and getting on with enjoying life. But you know what made it hard? The terrible advice to wean my baby which I still get from the in laws/friends/families/that random person in the elevator who noticed his flare ups. Being an allergy Mum is made so much harder by everyone around you telling you to stop breastfeeding.

Don’t people love to give advice on how you parent!? It certainly seems like everyone has an opinion on breastfeeding a baby who cannot tolerate all food groups. I have had all the comments, “you need to wean him so you can eat a chocolate bar/drink beer/go out for dinner etc.” “You’ve lost weight, you need to wean him” “You should just eat a little bit of this or that” “He’s probably not allergic to all those things” “it’s been two weeks and he hasn’t improved” “He needs to go on formula/goat milk so you can have your life back” blah blah blah blah. I never thought that I would have to justify what is between my breasts and my baby especially when it is for his well being.

I have no intention of giving up breastfeeding just so I can have a muffin with my tea.

I certainly don’t feel like I am missing out on fast food so much that I need to stop breastfeeding. 

No, I will not try my offspring on the milk of another animal instead of human milk so I can fill my body with wheat.

My meals are creative now, never boring! I love that my family all follow the same diet, we’re all in this together. 

I never have to worry about if my son has gotten into the milk from the fridge or have the anxiety attack thinking hard if a food had wheat in it. 

There are so many alternatives to chocolate, bread and cheesecake out there that we make from scratch at home. 

Also, while I can’t drink beer… I can drink a vegan wine. I can still eat certain kinds of bacon, I now eat MORE than ever and yes, my son’s health is the best it has ever been while still breastfeeding.


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