Shredding for the wedding April Update

I’m on my way.

11 months to go!!

I started out at 86kg and am now safely in the 70’s, which was a good excuse to reward myself with new exercise gear. For my birthday,  my fiancé bought me a new pair of Nikes and my sister in law bought me a ticket to participate in the wanderlust triathlon. This is a 5km run, 30min yoga and 30min meditation. I’m at the gym 3-5 times a week using the treadmill for 20min interval training of speed and incline followed by weight machines. My upper body is always sore BUT NOT THE LOWER BODY! As a big booty girl, my legs have always been my strongest point. So I’m using my spare time to walk the kids. I am planning on adding squats into my work out to try to challenge this muscle groups.


My baby is 6m old. I hope to be able to fit into my wedding dress by her first birthday. For now, I’m just enjoying the journey and the healthy lifestyle change. Since going to the gym regularly,  I am do much happier. Exercise is definitely the most under utilized anti depressant.

Bring on May!!! I will get my fat percentage measured again to see progress and may post up progress pics.



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