Managing Baby’s Eczema

I have two kids. Yes, both of them have allergies and eczema. We made all of our mistakes with our first and he suffered,  so we’re using what we have learned to manage our second baby’s eczema. My two year old Johnny has asthma and rhinitis as well, as I suspect 6 month old baby Daisy will develop too.


I remember when Johnny was at the worst peak of his eczema days, he would only sleep for 45 minute streches at a time and needing wet wrapping 5x a day – yes, 2am included. Every. Single. Night. We were beyond exhausted but so desperate to make our wee boy better. Seeing him become “itchyman” and screaming,  scratching in anyway he could and making his skin bleed any chance he got was heartbreaking. It seemed like nothing was working.  He would cry all the time then I would cry when he fell asleep. I feel like that short time when my first born was a baby was stolen from us because all we did was try to manage his eczema. I wished that I only had to worry about pumpkin stains and teething, like normal parents do. Eventually we discovered gut healing and with the help of naturopath Gina Wilson at Indico Ltd in Silverdale,  NZ we healed his eczema. We also discovered his multiple food allergies to dairy and egg as well as anaphylaxis to cashew nuts.

With my second child, we tried all we could to prevent allergies and eczema during my pregnancy. Maybe there is only so much you can do though. She developed eczema around 3-4 months and we discovered food allergies around this time as well. Her reactions seem worse than her brothers. Instant and angry reactions.


How we are managing Daisy’s eczema through diet

We are better able to manage Daisy’s eczema. When it rears it’s ugly head we simply cut back her diet and mine (she’s breastfed) to meat and vegetables.
Because most people ask what I eat for breakfast, the answer is I eat sweet potato with avocado, meat/protein, kale and sunflower seeds for breakfast.
This seems to do the trick and within two weeks, she is back to normal. Fruit seems like it aggrivates her so we have eliminated it as well. The elimination diet basically means eating just meat and veg. It specifically means eliminating common allergens such as dairy, egg, wheat, gluten, nut, soy and sometimes corn, fish as well as nightshades. Keep in mind dairy is the most common culprit and takes 3-4 weeks to leave your system. It isn’t good enough just to have cow’s milk in your coffee either, switch to rice or coconut milk instead or try getting used to a long black (if you need extra motivation: black coffee is a “fat burner”).

Using this method,  we have managed to keep her eczema at bay. With our first child we made the mistake of half assing elimination diets. It only works when given 100% commitment. Daisy has good weeks and bad weeks. When she has a good week, I am that Mum who only worries about pumpkin stains and teething.  It is so wonderful and freeing to worry about pumpkin stains. When I caught myself worrying about them, I laughed and laughed in joy.


To go further into gut healing do add bone broths into daily diet in a bottle if need be and research the starving candida diet. Use probiotics and after three months of starving candida, start using water kefir and other fermented foods and drinks. See a good naturopath for further guidance.

At two years and three months, Johnny is climbing the dairy and egg allergy ladders, he can also tolerate gluten, wheat and soy. He is able to have baked egg and milk. Research suggests giving an allergy sufferer exactly as much as they can safely tolerate of the allergen on a common basis to help the sufferer to grow out of the allergy. This is a good excuse for baking for Johnny a few times a week. He’s gone from buckwheat flour, linseed and water pancakes to baked berry pancakes. Recipe As below.

Baked berry egg pancakes


One cup flour
Two eggs
Half to two thirds cup milk or mylk of choice
Optional: add in a mashed banana with cinnamon for additional sweetness
Honey, to spread on top in lieu of icing

1. Mix all ingredients together
2. Using coconut oil, grease a cake tray
3. Pour ingredients in
4. Top with berries of choice. I’ve used strawberries,  blueberries and blackberries.
5. Repeat the pancake mix
6. Top over the cake
7. Bake at 180C/350F for 40min or until knife comes out clean
8. Spread honey on top to sweeten, if desired. I cut it up like this.
9. Johnny sat at his table and exclaimed “Wow!! Thank you Mummy” when presented with this. It made my heart sing.



2 thoughts on “Managing Baby’s Eczema

  1. This is brilliant. As a long sufferer of eczema myself it’s a big concern of mine for my first born, due in June this year. Last year I did an elimination diet to sort my eczema out in preparation for pregnancy and I’ve been as careful as I can be with my eating whilst pregnant. I’ve made sure to eat dairy, gluten, nuts etc, all the things that can trigger allergies in the hopes that since baby has been exposed to these from day dot that they will be tolerated. I know this is no guarantee but I’m hopeful. I’ll also be diet conscious for my breastfeeding too. Looking forward to trying your advice too!


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