Megan Meatballs

What’s a Megan? My vegan friend told me that’s what you call a Meat Eating Vegan. Megan meatballs.


Today has been a balls kind of a day. Eating bliss balls while cooking meatballs and singing the following song as I remember it from my childhood:

“There was a poor meeatbaalll, all covered in cheese, there was a poor meeatbaallll, and somebody sneezed.
It went under the taable, and onto the flooor, there was a poor meeatbaalll, and somebody sneezed.”

Megan Meatballs
Premium mince
Tin of five beans/cannelloni beans/red kidney beans.
Mash the beans. Keeping the liquid.
Chopped Spinach
Powdered tumeric and tarragon


Step One
Make aquafaba

In a food processor,  tip in the excess liquid from your tin of beans. Whizz until it resembles white fluffy thick liquid,  like miraugne.

Step two
In a bowl, add a little aquafaba to the mince, beans, spinach and herbs/spices. Spice to taste (garlic lovers this is your que to go crazy here).

Step three
Using clean hands, get in there and combine well then form into small tight meatballs.

Step four
Fry in coconut or olive oil. Being careful when turning midway.
You may lose one or two but that’s ok, I have added my lost balls into my pasta sauce.

Serving suggestion:
Wheat/gluten free spaghetti pasta
Soya cream or tomato or mashed pumpkin base, depending on allergy needs. I have used soya cream.


Chop garlic and onion, put in the pan where the meatballs have just been, scraping the bottom as you go.
Deglaze pan using sauce.
Add in gluten free salami and the balls which crumbled.

Enjoy your gluten/wheat free and megan friendly dinner with wine.

Perhaps using a little wine in the recipe to deglaze the pan. If you like, I would recommend using a little gluten free flour after frying abd softening the onions. This will create a thick sauce. Yum, yum




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