Baby Daisy – A Healing Birth

My second baby, Daisy, was born 21 months after my first. Honesty I didn’t think birth could go so well!
It’s quite funny having Mothers intuition,  because it tells you some things and not other things. I felt a deep connection to this baby, but I couldn’t feel the name. I maintain that babies pick their own names.
Johnny was loud and clear, like Johnny himself. Daisy… all I could feel was a daydreamer, a deep soul, a bright light, a ray of sunshine. My partner and I thought her name was Eleanor because it means ray of light and we liked the option of shortening it to Ella. I felt like, with all the painful false labour niggles,  “Ella” was going to come very early but the niggles never took flight. I said to my partner “Maybe it’s not Eleanor” so we discussed other names and Daisy seemed to be the only other contender. Then several things happened, I had a flower land on my belly during a photo shoot, while out shopping with Dad he was talking about “Ella” and on the radio came the song “That’s not my name” and lastly, being spring time there were Daisy’s everywhere I looked. So two days before she was born, I was pretty set on Daisy. This must have been the mental push I neesed because I thought I was in labour the very next night buuut then my MIL came over. Her visit actually totally stopped any labour sings in their tracks! On Monday, at 39 weeks pregnant, I had a typical day with Johnny then woke up from nap time feeling contractions. I text my midwife and my partner to say that they were about 5minutes apart. Half an hour later I called my fiancé and told him to stop working and get home now. Don’t pass go and don’t collect $200. Shut the gate and get home.
While in labour I did loads of cooking and baking and invented banana nice cream with bliss ball sprinkle. It tasted amazing.
My Mum and brother picked up Johnny. Mum was very slow in her actions, sitting on the couch, looking at me critically asking “Lesh, are you sure you’re in labour? Does it hurt?”, to which I answered,  “yeah mum, I’m having a contraction right now”. She didn’t believe me but took Johnny for the night anyway.

My fiancé arrived as they were leaving, 3.30pm. The midwife asked that we come in ASAP to avoid Auckland traffic. Shoot,  I hope I don’t have this baby on the motorway, I thought I had better take some old towels just in case!
Into the hospital,  I was SO EXCITED, I couldn’t wait to meet Daisy-Ella-whoever she was. 7cm dialated, cool beans. Waters broke, hopped in the birthing pool, chatting and laughing all the way up to 10cm dialated then my serious face came on came suddenly when it was time to push. Pain, intense, wow, the midwife barely got her gloves on, my fiancé stood behind my shoulders and rubbed them/hugged me from behind, and the head came out. The midwife told me I had to calm down and breathe the baby out, so I got back into the zone and pushed her out in seven minutes. At 5.20pm she floated up to me and my fiancé. We kissed and marveled at our baby.
It’s such an unforgettable moment when you see your grey little human come up through the water into your arms. She didn’t cry, she looked straight at me, “Her eyes are blue!” I said, “You did so well, you did so well” I kept telling my baby. Everyone laughed. But a baby is a birth partner, they give the signal that it’s birthing time and they use their body to help themselves out of the birth canal.
It was surreal, I couldn’t believe I’d just had a baby and that it went so well! And that was it!!
“I can stand up!”
“I can just go and shower? What?”
“Wow omg, so I can casual as get dressed and go to birthcare now?”
It was a beautiful,  amazing birth which had such a healing effect on my first, complicated birth.
(Link to my first birth here: )
The simplicity of her birth cemented in my mind that her name is Daisy. Such an aware baby, following her Dad’s voice around the room. She had him under a spell in an instant.
I spent the first three days with her, something I ached for with Johnny.
Several nurses at birthcare commented on my room being the quietest in the whole building. We had a partnership, we were in sync. She made such a gentle entrance into this world and it showed.


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