The Baked Milk Challenge

It feels like the right day to do the baked milk challenge. I am worried my two year old will fail this challenge however I have optimistic hope that he’ll pass.

I personally won’t be having milk ever again. I don’t think it’s normal to drink a cow’s breastmilk, intended to make calves grow into cows, and I don’t believe that the human body needs it. It’s just not for us.
However it would be nice if my son isn’t allergic to all baked goods. It means that maybe he can have a piece of the birthday cake going around at his friend’s parties and that I won’t have to worry quite as much when he goes to playgroup or Grandpa’s house. It means he can decide what he thinks of dairy later on in his own life.

Isn’t it crazy how one muffin can contain so many common allergens. The thought of giving my child with allergies a traditional muffin would not have even crossed my mind until we were asked to do the challenge by our allergy specialist.

So I went shopping for cow’s milk! It was weird, such a novel experience. There has never been milk in this fridge before.
Here it is, like a foreign alien.


Then I decided well,  let’s go all out and pretend like he’s eating a muffin from the bakery. So in the pantry, hanging out amoung the buckwheat, quinoa, cacao and flaxseed… there is a big old bag of white flour.

(My son has no allergy to wheat or gluten but we don’t really eat it).


Chocolate Chip Muffins


Chocolate chips are dark chocolate and dairy free… It felt necessary.

Made a batter from nearly 2 cups flour, 2 eggs, 1.5 cup milk and chocolate chips.
Baked for 20min or until done.


I am giving one to my son before his midday nap. Hopefully he’ll sleep then we’ll wake up and have a normal afternoon. Today we’re going to the water park accross town.

Fingers crossed!!!!!

Pass or Fail?  Johnny was so excited,  he was like “ooo!! What is that??” Then squealed and said “Yum yum, cake”. He loved the taste, even without added sugar (sweetness from the choc chips though).

12.30 : One muffin eaten
12.45 : Asleep
1.30  : Normal
2.30  : Normal. Yay! Two hours, no physical reaction observed. Very whingy, clingy but this can happen just because he’s a two year old.

Jump for joy, jump for joy.
Johnny says, “silly Mummy” and laughs, tries to jump.

Cool, he passed!!!
Now what?

Current research suggests that to help build up the body to grow out of allergies, we should be ingesting exactly as much of the allergen as the body can handle on a regular basis (but if you can’t handle any, don’t eat any). So I would like to give my son a couple of muffins a week with baked egg, baked milk and some almond meal in order to help him outgrow his multiple allergies. I see those pictures of other kids around online who are able to eat their first boiled egg at age 12 or climb the milk ladder and it gives me hope that that’ll be my son one day. We go through so much heartache with our babies watching them have allergic reactions that it’s nice to stop and reflect on how far we come – even if it’s just in terms of knowledge built – and visualize a happy future.



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