*Rant Begin*

Allergies. Such a rant worthy topic.

My two year old reacted to a topical cream this week. We always use Aveeno Baby with no problem however this week the supermarket only had Aveeno Baby Dermexa. A quick look at the ingredients showed nothing to worry about however there were far MORE ingredients in it than the regular stuff. Within 10minutes of applying Aveeno Baby Dermexa for eczema children, he came up in head to toe hives. I know it was the cream which set him off because you could see the stroke marks on his face where I had applied it swell up.


I put the baby in her bassinet to scream and scream (sorry doll) while I gave my toddler his medicine and raced him into the shower to wash it the f**k off! I stripped him down and jumped in in all my activewear and nikes, using a cloth to get it off.


Every time he reacts and swells up to something – usually food – I give him a kiss and tell him I love him just in case he doesn’t pull through. When you see your child get taken to the hospital in an ambulance, when you watch their neck and mouth swell up, when you read articles about another child with the same allergies who died, it becomes a pretty intense experience.

So I put it to my allergy support group, anyone used this Aveeno Dermexa for their eczema kids? Three Mum’s said their children had the SAME THING HAPPEN. Three kids from just one group? What the heck is in this cream?

I posted to the Aveeno Facebook page, where they wouldn’t answer any of my questions and gave me a number to call instead.  Called the number and they assured me that they used no animal products or nuts (my son is allergic to egg, dairy and nut). I said three kids reacted to it, in my allergy group like come on this is the target market – eczema kids – they just said they use no common allergens.
This must mean they use gluten free oats.

Anyway they didn’t seem concerned, like it could be a bad thing that eczema kids are reacting to their eczema product. They also said that kernel extract is from oats (usually it’s traces of nuts, corn or mango and mango is very closely related to cashews).

They lost me as a customer. My son can tolerate their Aveeno Baby regular moisturizer but I won’t be buying it and you know why? Because I found out that they’re a part of Johnson and Johnson. Those animal testing bastards!

Back to Shikai Botage we go!

*Rant Over*


One thought on “*Rant Begin*

  1. A company that makes allergy friendly products that isn’t interested when it causes reactions. Sounds like a winner there! Hope the wee one is better soon!


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