Shredding for the wedding: Update JAN 2016

There have been a few obstacles!!

GOAL: 25KG by October (my daughter’s 1st bday)

1) Two year old won’t let me leave him in the crèche at the gym. Becomes hysterical if I even walk towards the door. There goes my gym plan. Now I just sit in the crèche and watch my toddler and baby play…

2) Two young babies = sheer exhaustion and time restraints

BUT!! I do have the following:

Support Networks: H2B, online support network of other Mummas and support network of bridesmaids and other Mum friends whom I am friends with in real life and can meet up with for work outs.

The time after my kids go to bed

The time when my kids both nap at the same time

Great! So using what I can, I am doing what I can and making my goals a priority. Because, as a Mum you can only have 2/3 of the following at one give  time: happy kids, time for myself and a clean home – you guessed it, my house is a messs!!!! Suuuch a mess. Like. I am embarrassed. So embarrassed. But oh well, on my wedding day I won’t care that the house was a mess for a while but I will care that my kids are happy and I can fit my wedding dress.

This is what I have done this week:


Walked to the top of one tree hill (uphill off track) then walked/jogged down and around the bottom in a ma’fuckin’ thunderstorm. Legs were on fire and i felt like I was going to pass out. It was awesome .


Ran to one power pole then walked to the next for 1.3km to this old bench at a park. At this bench, I did the following:
10 x press ups
10 x triceps dips
10 x squats
30 sec plank
10 x mountain climbers
Repeat x3
Then run/walk between power poles the 1.3km back home.

I stayed up until 11pm one night determined to get a workout done. Youtube to the rescue. I found Yoga With Adrienne. I did a 36min weight loss one. It looks like effortless, easy work but IT IS HAAARD. My core was in pain for two days following.
Then the kids were up and down all night that night. Not a lot of sleep happening for me that night!

Three work outs closer to my goals!! Woohoo!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Shredding for the wedding: Update JAN 2016

  1. Yoga With Adrienne is my favourite! I love how personable she is and how her workouts, while surprisingly tough are also achievable. Keep up the great work 😁

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  2. As someone very overweight who has recently started on the weight loss journey I am inspired by your efforts. I am lucky that my kids have grown and left home now and I can go to the gym and swimming but I still get up at 5am to find the time to fit exercise into my day. I’m just starting out after a long time away from regular exercise so am only averaging about 12km a week but aim to increase regularly over time. I am limited by a physical disability and am struggling with healthy eating and portion control but I aim to drop half my body weight over 12-18 months. Good luck with your journey.


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