Losing the baby weight

I didn’t make a New Years Resolution.  They’re dumb. They focus soley on the end result with NO GAME PLAN.
Instead, I have made an ‘Expectation’. Firstly, I asked myself what weight loss looks like (I lost 28kg in 2014 after the birth of my first baby). So to lose the weight after baby number two (again, 28kg. At least I am consistent). I expect that I’ll be doing the following three things:
1. Build muscle to burn fat by working out at a gym which has a daycare four times a week. Monday, Wednesday,  Thursday and Friday from 9 until 10.
I like doing “arms day” and “legs day” etc so will be doing that, rather than group classes. Monday is arms day, Wednesday is legs day, Thursday is core day and Friday is bum day. I found printable workouts on pintrest.
2. Making time to cook and eat natural foods,  if it had legs and walked on Earth or grew in the soil.. I’m eating it!
Free of sugar, wheat, gluten and dairy. Plus going back to homemade long blacks with coconut oil as opposed to my current expensive Soy Mocha habit.
3. Relaxing. Yes, putting my mind into chill mode. This means actually taking the time to stop and rest, to stop and eat, to go for a walk, to do yoga before bed, to meditate (or just take deep breaths) and also to lie down when the kids nap. This puts my body into the parasympathetic mode. When in this mode, the body can effectively burn fat.

So. That’s the plan! It worked before,  it’ll work again.

I am currently 85kg with a whopping 40% body fat. With the changes I am making, I will be somewhere between 60-65kg and 18% – 23% body fat. I can’t wait to watch the weight drop… the first three weeks of weight loss is known as the “addictive phase” and it always has the most significant weight drop. During this “addictive phase” it’s so important to take measurements etc to really see your results and take advantage of the mind becoming addicted to success.

Also take photos! As I have and I will share them in six weeks, when I hope to have droppes at least 2% body fat and maybe 2kg.

Little details include having go to food stashed in the freezer (lentil and tomato soup, homemade healthy muffins/pancakes), making overnight oats for busy mornings, only buying brown rice sushi if I need takeaways,


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