Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel – Finding Natural Relief

Carpal Tunnel is no fun at all. Lying in bed with your hands up in the air to help ease the pain, being unable to use the wrist joints to do shopping or pick up a toddler, cooking dinner etc. It’s pretty awful. I was told that it’ll go away with birth but screw that, I wasn’t waiting months for it to heal!

I learned that carpal tunnel is basically an inflammatory issue. So I tackled it from an anti inflammatory diet angle, taking out the stuff that could cause inflammation and adding in the things that could help.

Here’s what worked for me:


Red Krill Oil or AstaZan supplements.
Available from health food shops.
I took 3x of these little supplements a day, gradually decreasing down to just one a day until the pain healed.
It has proven to be beneficial to carpal tunnel because of it’s anti inflammatory properties.

Inflammatory Foods
Foods which can cause inflammation in the body are gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar.
My pregnancy cravings were for gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar. So guess what I had been eating far too much of! No wonder it came back to kick me on the butt. Obviously, out went the inflammatory foods. I noticed a difference in a few days.
In my second trimester, I did eat a little dairy although I went back off it for the third trimester and also now that I am breastfeeding. I found that when I ate too much dairy or gluten, my carpal tunnel would come back. Cheese and vegemite toast and pizza, the call to eat these foods has never been so strong! So obviously it came and went with my dietary choices.

There are also wrist supports which can help you to get through the day/night.

If your pregnancy carpal tunnel is causing you grief, make sure your lead maternity carer points you in the right direction to get help.



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