Reclaiming my body – the journey


I always say the best thing a pregnant lady can do is avoid putting on too much weight because the weight she gains is the weight she’ll have to lose.
I didn’t listen to my own advice at all… I ate dairy, sugar and wheat (which don’t agree with me) and I got pelvic dysfunction which meant bed rest for two months. I did a little yoga… sometimes…
On the left is a photo taken in October 2014 and the right is  a photo taken today, it’s  October 2015.
I was 9 months post partum in the picture on the right. In my current picture I am 38 weeks pregnant. I have gone from 60kg to 83kg during pregnancy, a huge weight gain well outside of the recommendation of 13-16kg.
With my second pregnancy,  I did get strech marks but ah well, I’m a Mum of two now. They’ll fade and high waisted bikinis are cute.
So, let’s shift the focus to health.
GOAL – Get back to my pre baby size because I have a wedding dress to fit back into!
I have recruited three people to do my bootcamp alongside me as I reclaim my body.
I will be documenting this journey on my blog 🙂


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