Carrot Cake Recipe – No Bake

The last time I made a real food carrot cake was when I tried my allergy toddler on an egg challenge with two eggs.
He had already passed the one egg challenge so I was feeling a little cocky that he’d easily pass with two baked eggs. How did he do?
He failed. Miserably.
Swelling face/lips, screaming, hives, crying, arching his back, twisting his body… for what felt like hours… it was awful. Thankfully I have all his meds so we didn’t need to call an ambulance. I cried so much once he’d finally gone to bed. The life of an allergy Mum is two steps forward, one step back.

So! On a brighter note, this is an even better egg free recipe which only requires a food processor. Because there are no eggs, there is no baking required. Plus you can buy all of these common ingredients from a supermarket.
When my toddler ate this, he said “yum.. cake” then asked for more. Great success.


Vegan, no bake, raw carrot cake. Free from dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, nightshades and soy. Aip/Autoimmune friendly.
Note: I have used nuts. A good substitute for nuts is sunflower seeds with a little sweetener.

No Bake Carrot Cake

Food List
1. Half a cup of walnuts (soak overnight or minimum of two hours, disregard water)
2. Half a cup of dates (soaked in boiling water for 10 min or in room temp water for two hours – overnight)
3. A cup of grated carrot, or one large carrot
4. Spices – I used half teaspoon powdered cardamon and one teaspoon cinnamon with a teaspoon of grated ginger (try nutmeg, cloves etc if you prefer)
5. Honey, warmed to liquid (can be omitted or subbed for maple syrup).

How To:
1. Place walnuts and dates in the food processor. Pulse for 20 seconds, scrape down sides, then pulse again for a few more rounds of 20 seconds.
This should be done only so the recipe is just mixed, not turned to a mush. It will resemble small, chopped peices when done.
2. Add carrot. Pulse until just mixed. Scrape down sides.
3. Add spices and drizzle honey over. Pulse for 20 seconds so that the mixture is just combined.
4. Place the mixture in a mould (I used a loaf tin) and put this in the fridge for 10 minutes. It will last a few days in the fridge.

My icing is the same colour as my cake! But this really does add to the taste of the cake so go ahead and make it if you have another 10 minutes to spare.

Food List
1. Quarter a cup of cashew nuts (soaked overnight or min of two hours, disregard water)
2. Quarter a cup of dates (soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes, or in room temperature water for 2 hours – overnight, disregard water)
3. Vanilla extract
4. A handful of chia seeds

How To:
1. In a food processor, whizz all ingredients until smooth. Scrape down sides and whizz again. Repeat until it is very smooth.
2. Spread on top of cake.

For the topping – I used additional walnuts, desiccated coconut and pumpkin seeds.

That’s it!! Have your cake and eat it too!!

This is surprisingly filling… we enjoyed it with a pineapple and spinach juice on the side.

Aleshia Dearlove x



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