Have been quite political lately! Only because I can’t believe what is happening to our own New Zealand and I care much more now that I’m raising kids here. Seriously keen to move to Sweden where they seem have it sussed.
National has cut 1.7 billion in healthcare in the past 6 years, we have a major problem with specialists being overbooked and unable to help people on the public waiting list.
With my son’s ongoing severe allergy and diet related problems, we’ve definitely been feeling the effects of being sent to the GP when we need specialists.
We had to wait 13 months to see an allergy Dr, I have had to guess his diagnosis through trial and error. It’s horrible watching your kid swell up and scream, calling ambulances and not getting anywhere with the public medical system.
I’ve quit work to hawk over my kid 24/7.
I’m lucky I’ve been able to study nutrition since he was born and do whay I can to help my boy myself (guesswork), with the help from online support groups and alternative medicine (naturopaths, full respect). But honestly fuck national government, taking away so much from healthcare. Johnny is half a point away from having anaphylaxis, we only just found that out a month ago (age 17 months), after a blood test done at 16 months from which I received a letter in the post so full of allergy jargon that even my GP couldn’t read the results – I had to appeal to online support forums to ask other allergy mums to interpret the results for me. Now we’re back on the waiting list to have a visit in “approx January”. Two visits in two years. What if he was that half a point closer to death? That would be some pretty major trial and error for us to go through.
Fuck your stupid $26million flag change, your secret TPPA trade deals and fuck your face John Key.
Rant over.


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