A Bad Week For An Allergy Kid (And Mum!)

We thought my toddler was growing out of his allergies. We really did. He seemed to respond better when he was exposed to dairy and egg. Now I realize it wasn’t that he responded better, we only thought he did because the amount we were trying on him were small, like a mouthful here and there, rather than a whole serving of a food.

My son had blood tests done and I barely thought twice about what the results might be, I was expecting a 2/6 (mild) however for both dairy and egg he came back on the severe side of the spectrum 4+/6 – my understanding of this is that while he is not anaphylactic,  he may need to go to the hospital if exposed to these allergens.

The life of an allergy Mum (and that of an allergy sufferer) is full of ups and downs. I have been feeling really bummed following a bad week. We had a triple whammy of the test results and a likely asthma diagnosis plus an exposure to dairy. We spent two hours at the Drs office on Wednesday plus most of Friday at the hospital.  My son is always in pain after eating dairy, he screams and wriggles around for a night or two, then breaks out in eczema. I’m so emotionally drained and physically tired too.

So, Johnny is at a great age (17 months) where he is chatty, curious and hilarious. He keeps me laughing everyday which reminds me that allergies,  eczema and asthma are not the end of the world. He is so busy living in the present moment that he doesn’t mope around about something that happened a whole day ago. He teaches me so much. When I stop wallowing in pity, I do count my blessings and realize that we have a million other things to be greatful and happy for.

It’s been a week now. When I woke up this morning, I could have felt tired, I could have felt drained, I could have felt upset but I didn’t.  Instead I woke up, smiled at my son who smiled back (we cosleep) and I said, “Thank you”.


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