Rice Milk Bottles and Good Fat Intake

My son has allergies and intolerances to dairy, soy, egg, nut, wheat, gluten and nightshades. I cut these from my own diet and breastfed him until he was 14months old. I stopped breastfeeding as I was about 2months pregnant with our second child.

So, Johnny HATES neocate (the allergy friendly formula) plus I wasn’t keen on it because the main ingredient is corn syrup. This meant the toss up of milk substitute is between coconut milk and rice milk. Rice milk won due to taste and cost, however sometimes he’ll have a coconut milk bottle as well. My concern is about his fat intake, as rice milk won’t provide him with adequate amounts of this.
Fat is absolutely critical for brain development and cellular function/maintainance. A rapidly developing brain (such as in that of a toddler) must have a diet which has a good intake of all essential fatty acids as our bodies cannot manufactur them (which is to say, we eat essential fatty acides because we do not make them).

So, here’s what we do to make sure our brainy kid has enough fat in his diet:

Firstly, he has a 200ml bottle of half rice milk, half water before the midday nap. I always include half a teaspoon of Nordic Naturals DHA liquid in it. Our naturopath put us onto this brand (but the baby one) about a year ago. Available on iherb for quite a good price however I get it from a health shop seems as I go there anyway for eczema creams and what not.


Side note: the nighttime bottle is laced with probiotics.

Secondly, I try to remember to feed my son chia seeds every day in the form of chia seed pudding with coconut cream and berries/honey or in overnight oats for breakfast or added to baking.
Chia seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition, they include omegas and calcium. Realistically, he gets chia seeds every other day because I often don’t get around to it and then before I know it the day’s gone! (Mum life lol)

Thirdly, we do ‘fishy Fridays’ where we have salmon on a Friday (then buy cheap cuts of meat for the rest of the week). Honestly, I am rubbish at planning meals and being organised but fishy Fridays is one thing I do almost every Friday. Pintrest is my best friend for ideas on new ways to cook salmon although there’s nothing wrong with salmon and sweet potato/regular potato chips (fish and chips). We use olive oil for cooking, as a good fat.
Salmon is high in essential fatty acids plus has the benefit of being easy to eat while teething.

Tip: Avocado. My son eats it as it is off a spoon/in slices. Way too easy as a snack and another good fat source.

Fat is a macro nutrient, as are proteins and carbs. Macro nutrient just means something we require in large quantities (as opposed to micro nutrients which we require in small quantities). It is vital for children and adults alike so don’t be scared to get in there and enjoy the good stuff too!

We are still on the waiting list to see a dietitian but remember to ask your Dr about seeing one to take the guesswork out of dietary requirements for allergy kids.

Hope this has been helpful!  X


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