The Baked Egg Challenge

Allergy Mums will have heard of this. Our son is now 17 months old and is showing improvement with the severity of his reactions to dairy, egg and soy. This is the greatest news we could have! Also, his eczema is well managed now so he is 90% better. Looking good!! Oh yeah!!

In light of this, our allergy specialist has asked me to do a baked egg challenge at home (he asked us a month ago haha just getting around to it). Today is the day! And I am freakishly excited – why?
Because if he can pass this, it opens up a world of new foods and means he can enjoy a wider range of “normal” foods. If he passes this, it means I no longer have to hawk over him as much when we are around food. If he passes this, I feel like he might just “grow out of” or heal from his allergies.
But this is my optimistic mind running away with me. We have to do the test first!

So, what is the baked egg challenge?
In a nutshell (or should I say.. eggshell lol), when an egg is baked it changes the protein in the egg meaning that some people who are allergic to egg can tolerate a baked egg. Egg must be baked (like a cake or muffin) rather than just cooked (like pancakes or scrambled eggs). Just cooking does not change the proteins.
The baked egg challenge is making a cake or muffin and trying it out to see if there is a reaction. This is only done at home for those with mild-moderate egg allergies.

Today feels good. The dishes are done,  floors have been swept and mopped, bathroom cleaned and toilet scrubbed all before 9am. There’s loads of leftover bone broth soup ready to go for our lunch and (if necessary) dinner, plus we don’t have any commitments for the next two days if Johnny does have a bad reaction. So, today is the day! Totally prepared for a good or bad time at home.

My son is free from dairy, egg, soy, wheat,  gluten, nightshades and refined sugar as part of his gut health diet (to heal eczema). So this raised the question of what to bake! There were loads of paleo recipes that would have been suitable however I just winged it with ingredients we had in the cupboard. Here’s what we made:

Banana Berry muffin recipe
For our baked egg challenge!
Free from dairy, soy, wheat, gluten, refined sugar and nuts.

3 mashed bananas
2/3 cup mixed berries
Gluten free oats, buckwheat flour and rice flour in about equal quantities, (maybe 2/3 cup of each)
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Sprinkle of chia seeds
1 x small egg (size 6)
Enough rice milk to make a batter

Set oven to 180C/350F
Grease muffin trays (I used coconut oil)
Place all ingredients in a bowl (adding milk a little at a time)
Mix until muffin batter is formed. Do not over mix.
Spoon into muffin trays.
Bake for 20-25 min or until skewer comes out clean
I drizzled with honey and topped with additional berries

Note: it doesn’t really rise so don’t worry about allowing for this.


First obstacle: Will a toddler eat it?
Yes! He loved this and even licked the plate then asked for more.

The big question –

Did Johnny pass the baked egg test??

It’s now 10.30am, he ate two about an hour ago. So far, so good! Usually he’ll react within 10 minutes of usual egg. Feeling confident!  🙂