Positive Affirmations


Repeat daily to create belief and positive vibes. Your mind controls your world!

I stumbled upon this affirmation while on pinterest. As a Mother who has been on a journey to heal my sons leaky gut and avoid all food triggers for eczema plus food allergens, it really spoke to me.

What do you get from this message??
See, I think we can all take something different from it.

This positive affirmation was like a light being switched on in my head, it aligns with my life ‘philosophy’, however I have never thought to apply it to my son’s gut health journey. What I’m talking about is working WITH the body rather than having the mindset that I’m fighting against eczema or allergies or leaky gut.

It’s about trusting the body to be able to heal and believing that it can and will heal.

I need to take a step back and stop trying to control his body. His cells will heal (and have been doing a great job of it) given the opportunity and right resources.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders in coming to this realization. Keep giving the gut the chance to heal and it will.

Eczema shouldn’t be seen as a battle. It should be seen as a chance to assist the body to heal leaky gut.

Positive vibes. Positive life.


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