A Healthy Pregnancy When All You Want Is Lollies and Fish Fingers…

So, I’ll admit it. My second pregnancy hasn’t been as easy as my first in terms of keeping my body healthy – I had zero food cravings/aversions the first time round, went for walks, did yoga, ate better than pre pregnancy and when my baby was 6 weeks old, I only weighed 5kg more than when I fell pregnant!

So, this time around I thought it would be the same but better as I now know better in terms of nutrition and well being than I did two years ago. The food aversions were intense in the first trimester and my food cravings were out of control!! I literally ate gluten free fish fingers and lollies most days. When my fiance got home from work, dinner wasn’t ready as it normally is, dinner was a piece of meat I burned in the oven and no sides to go with it. All of my usual foods were out! Spinach – gag, Meat – spew, Brown Rice/Quinoa – forget it.

Thankfully, now into my second trimester and I am eating a more nourishing diet once again however the left over bad habits from the first trimester are still following me around!! I discovered chocolate milk today, why did I do that, now how will I stop… At least with a little more energy exercises such as yoga and walking seem possible again.

I will admit something I am ashamed of, but can’t hide from – the weight gain! I know it’s not good for the pregnancy and the baby. I feel like I have been possessed by a food demon which I am in the process of confronting. I have been told a few times, “You can’t even tell you’re pregnant, where’s your belly?” um, you can’t tell so far because I have put on weight everywhere hmm, oops. Because I am concerned about blood pressure, gestational diabetes, a large birth weight etc. I am glad to have a little more control now but need to put in place new measures for the rest of trimester two.

If you’re concerned about your own weight, which many woman are, remember that the less you put on the less you will have to lose!!

With that thought, here are the pregnancy rules – written by someone who has cravings/aversions and knows how it feels!!

A few tips for a healthy pregnancy:

  • Walk 5x a week. Being fit will help you with labor and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes/hypertension.
  • Try pregnancy yoga. Sore back? Aching joints? Muscles cramped? Yoga your way back to normal. Hot tip: Google: “Apple yoga”.
  • Eat your greens first, then your meat/main, then your sides.
  • Keep a bottle of water on hand 24/7.
  • Always have bliss balls in the fridge (and in your handbag) to banish your snack attacks.
  • Get into smoothies and juicing as a great way to get in more nutrients.
  • Take a magnesium supplement for a better quality sleep, less chocolate cravings (cocoa = magnesium) and no more leg cramps!
  • Simple Pregnancy Rules

Enjoy this special time xxx


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