Auto Immune friendly Banoffie Pie – dairy, sugar, nuts, eggs, wheat, gluten, soy & nightshade free

Dearlove Raw Banoffie Pie
Dearlove Raw Banoffie Pie

This tastes incredible!! Sure to satisfy that sweet tooth and it can even be made raw. No nut cheesecake 🙂

Here’s what my fellow auto immune pal thought of it on Instagram:


I am rubbish at exact measurements – more of a creative cook. But I have tried to be exact with these measurements –

(This base can be raw however I MUCH prefer it cooked)

1 cup Shredded Coconut
1 cup Medjool dates or pitted, dried dates softened in hot water for twenty minutes

Turn oven on to 180C/350F
Line a shallow cake tin

Whizz together base ingredients in a food processor for a minute, scrape sides and whizz again

Knuckle into the cake tin, making sure there are no cracks where it may split

Put in the fridge for 15 min to set, bake for 15 minutes then fridge again
Alternatively, leave raw.

Pie Mix:
One tin coconut cream
Half – one teaspoon gelatin warmed in half a cup of warm water (to melt gelatin)
Two large ripe bananas
Maybe a cup of dates – softened for at least an hour in hot water to make the texture mushy

Whizz together bananas and dates
Add in coconut cream and whizz again
Add in gelatin and whizz again

It will be very watery, pour carefully into base.
Set in the fridge for about 5 hours – putting it in the freezer to ‘hurry it up’ doesn’t work haha I have tried this!

Enjoy !!

Aleshia Dearlove x


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