Changing your food mindset for a better quality of life

The biggest challenge I have with health coaching is changing common beliefs. No matter how wrong someone is about their diet, they refuse to change their habits because of a notion that they accepted as fact somewhere along the way.
Lets blast back to the 70s, Dr Atkins came along and with one single, simple statement he deemed every carb as ‘bad’. What he did was remove refined/processed carbs from diets which is why people dropped the weight, but he also got rid of healthy and nourishing carbs such as the potato.
How can a sweet potato be just as detrimental to your health as a white bread bun? Wtf?
Advocates of dropping carbs after 5pm make my mind boggle as they still eat veges with their dinner – except potato. What do they think brocoli is? Protein?
Existing on chicken salad for dinner is such a sad way to live. Food is a pleasure in life and we should be smart enough to work with it instead of against it.
In the 90s, I was a child and even I remember that fat was deemed the enemy. Beautiful, natural egg yolks were to be limited because of cholesterol, fat and calories. The avocado was to be enjoyed occasionally. Nuts were feared!! Good fats and bad fats were not based on whether or not they were processed and man made. It was far too black and white – if you ate fat, you got fat. Now we know better, we should do better. Your body needs fat, just as your body needs protein and carbs. Every cell in your body requires adequate fat to function effectively and if it doesn’t get the fat then it sends you into the fridge and pantry with an unsatisfied feeling, like you want to eat something but you cant quite put your finger on what it is that you want…
Fat from nature is totally fine! You will look like shit without it too – skin, hair, nails etc. Your body knows what to do with it (uses it in necessary bodily functions). Eating natural fat does not just transfer from your mouth to your hips – can you believe people even thought it was that simple?
Around about this time it was popular to count calories, as if the biological functions of a human body are as simple as a mathematical formula of calories in vs calories out! You burn about 70 calories an hour just by being alive – more if you have loads of muscle – the act of eating burns 70 calories each time you do it etc. When you eat clean, natural foods then you don’t nees to count calories. I Google searched a few images to represent why:


Eating clean,  natural foods won’t push you over the limit – unless you are ridiculously excessive. Don’t even worry about it! Your focus only needs to be on eating foods which grew in the soil or had legs and walked on earth.


Then there’s the natural sugar debate. Poor fruit has been given quite the rep as a result of referring to fructose as the same thing as granulated table sugar.
“I won’t eat fruit for dessert” says the person who drinks a bottle of wine with dinner or laughs about eating chocolate biscuits at 3pm.
Again, your body knows what to do with natural, real, unrefined fruit as opposed to an ice cream. With sugar, your body has a stress and stores anything in excess of 1tsp as fat.
Eat fruit. Eat fruit for breakfast or dessert. Trust your natural body will know what to do with natural food. It is not the same as a man made candy bar manufactured in a factory with smoke pouring out the chimney and then wrapped in plastic.
As long as you have small, natural meals often you don’t need to worry about fruit sugars. If you HAVE to put a limit on it, 3.

Glucose is your bodies primary source of fuel – you know your brain is fueled only by glucose? Your digestive system breaks down sugars into glucose and you absorp it plus the nutrients to where they need to go.
When you eat a chocolate bar with little nutritional value, you are pretty much just storing granulated sugar as fat in your body.

Do you get the gist?

Embrace real food from mother nature.

I really like and agree with this article:


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