Auto Immune friendly Banoffie Pie – dairy, sugar, nuts, eggs, wheat, gluten, soy & nightshade free

Dearlove Raw Banoffie Pie
Dearlove Raw Banoffie Pie

This tastes incredible!! Sure to satisfy that sweet tooth and it can even be made raw. No nut cheesecake 🙂

Here’s what my fellow auto immune pal thought of it on Instagram:


I am rubbish at exact measurements – more of a creative cook. But I have tried to be exact with these measurements –

(This base can be raw however I MUCH prefer it cooked)

1 cup Shredded Coconut
1 cup Medjool dates or pitted, dried dates softened in hot water for twenty minutes

Turn oven on to 180C/350F
Line a shallow cake tin

Whizz together base ingredients in a food processor for a minute, scrape sides and whizz again

Knuckle into the cake tin, making sure there are no cracks where it may split

Put in the fridge for 15 min to set, bake for 15 minutes then fridge again
Alternatively, leave raw.

Pie Mix:
One tin coconut cream
Half – one teaspoon gelatin warmed in half a cup of warm water (to melt gelatin)
Two large ripe bananas
Maybe a cup of dates – softened for at least an hour in hot water to make the texture mushy

Whizz together bananas and dates
Add in coconut cream and whizz again
Add in gelatin and whizz again

It will be very watery, pour carefully into base.
Set in the fridge for about 5 hours – putting it in the freezer to ‘hurry it up’ doesn’t work haha I have tried this!

Enjoy !!

Aleshia Dearlove x


As happy as a monkey with a new banana


Brown, spotted, over ripe bananas are always discounted at my fruit n vege shop. A bunch is usually under $1NZD !!
While most people would walk past them, it’s a smart move to buy them!!

Over ripe bananas are sweeter and traditionally used in baking. If you do not have time to bake using them today – peel them and store them in the freezer.

They will come in handy for so many things! Here is a list –

Banana pancakes. Simply defrost and use them instead of both egg and sugar. Mushy banana will bind the ingredients together plus act as a sweetener. Egg free and sugar free pancakes! One banana is equal to one egg.


Banana smoothies and “ice cream”.
Banana is the base in so many smoothies and as banana ice cream.
You can put the frozen banana in your food processor as is, then add your other ingredients.
The below is two frozen bananas, cocoa, a can of coconut cream and chia seeds whizzed then topped with chia seeds and desiccated coconut. A yummy, healthy & skinny breakfast or dessert.


Even just whizz with frozen berries for banana berry ice cream – you’ll never need to buy milk shakes, thick shakes or ice cream again once you try this method.

Frugal living at its yummiest!

What if you want to ripen up new banans?? Throw them in the oven for 15-20min on 180C/350F and they’ll sweeten up for use paleo banana bread or muffins etc.

Bananasss….. love them!

Aleshia Dearlove x

Sweet Potato and Orange Cookies

If you have ever had sweet potato and orange together in a salad, you’ll know they are a complementary food pairing.

I wanted a cookie with a twist, which I could share with my one year old, which would be healthy and guilt free.

Dearlove Sweet potato orange cookies
Dearlove Sweet potato orange cookies

These are free from dairy, soy, egg, nut, gluten, wheat, refined sugars and nightshades. They are an allergy friendly, quick, inexpensive way to enjoy a cookie with your cuppa tea.

Inspired by my two ingredient cookie base recipe, here:

One cup medjool dates / pitted dates soaked in warm water to soften for 20 min and water discarded
Two cups desiccated coconut
Two medium boiled kumara (I left the skin on just because I always do)
The zest from two medium oranges
The juice from two medium oranges

How to:

Pre heat oven to 150C/300F
Whizz together the dates and coconut for a minute, scrape sides and whizz for another minute. Set aside.

Dearlove Cookies Method
Dearlove Cookies Method

Grate the zest from oranges and squeeze in the juice.

Dearlove Cookie - Orange and Sweet Potato
Dearlove Cookie – Orange and Sweet Potato

Add to the sweet potato.

Dearlove Cookie - Orange and Sweet Potato
Dearlove Cookie – Orange and Sweet Potato

Place these in the food processor with the date/coconut mix and whizz for a further minute or two, scraping the sides then whizz again or until all ingredients have been whizzed very well.
Form into cookie shape
Arrange on tray
Bake for 8 – 10 minutes or until they look a little golden. Check out the underside as this burns first…

I hope you enjoy these as much as my cookie monster and I do!! 🙂

Dearlove Sweet potato orange cookies
Dearlove Sweet potato orange cookies

Aleshia Dearlove x

Changing your food mindset for a better quality of life

The biggest challenge I have with health coaching is changing common beliefs. No matter how wrong someone is about their diet, they refuse to change their habits because of a notion that they accepted as fact somewhere along the way.
Lets blast back to the 70s, Dr Atkins came along and with one single, simple statement he deemed every carb as ‘bad’. What he did was remove refined/processed carbs from diets which is why people dropped the weight, but he also got rid of healthy and nourishing carbs such as the potato.
How can a sweet potato be just as detrimental to your health as a white bread bun? Wtf?
Advocates of dropping carbs after 5pm make my mind boggle as they still eat veges with their dinner – except potato. What do they think brocoli is? Protein?
Existing on chicken salad for dinner is such a sad way to live. Food is a pleasure in life and we should be smart enough to work with it instead of against it.
In the 90s, I was a child and even I remember that fat was deemed the enemy. Beautiful, natural egg yolks were to be limited because of cholesterol, fat and calories. The avocado was to be enjoyed occasionally. Nuts were feared!! Good fats and bad fats were not based on whether or not they were processed and man made. It was far too black and white – if you ate fat, you got fat. Now we know better, we should do better. Your body needs fat, just as your body needs protein and carbs. Every cell in your body requires adequate fat to function effectively and if it doesn’t get the fat then it sends you into the fridge and pantry with an unsatisfied feeling, like you want to eat something but you cant quite put your finger on what it is that you want…
Fat from nature is totally fine! You will look like shit without it too – skin, hair, nails etc. Your body knows what to do with it (uses it in necessary bodily functions). Eating natural fat does not just transfer from your mouth to your hips – can you believe people even thought it was that simple?
Around about this time it was popular to count calories, as if the biological functions of a human body are as simple as a mathematical formula of calories in vs calories out! You burn about 70 calories an hour just by being alive – more if you have loads of muscle – the act of eating burns 70 calories each time you do it etc. When you eat clean, natural foods then you don’t nees to count calories. I Google searched a few images to represent why:


Eating clean,  natural foods won’t push you over the limit – unless you are ridiculously excessive. Don’t even worry about it! Your focus only needs to be on eating foods which grew in the soil or had legs and walked on earth.


Then there’s the natural sugar debate. Poor fruit has been given quite the rep as a result of referring to fructose as the same thing as granulated table sugar.
“I won’t eat fruit for dessert” says the person who drinks a bottle of wine with dinner or laughs about eating chocolate biscuits at 3pm.
Again, your body knows what to do with natural, real, unrefined fruit as opposed to an ice cream. With sugar, your body has a stress and stores anything in excess of 1tsp as fat.
Eat fruit. Eat fruit for breakfast or dessert. Trust your natural body will know what to do with natural food. It is not the same as a man made candy bar manufactured in a factory with smoke pouring out the chimney and then wrapped in plastic.
As long as you have small, natural meals often you don’t need to worry about fruit sugars. If you HAVE to put a limit on it, 3.

Glucose is your bodies primary source of fuel – you know your brain is fueled only by glucose? Your digestive system breaks down sugars into glucose and you absorp it plus the nutrients to where they need to go.
When you eat a chocolate bar with little nutritional value, you are pretty much just storing granulated sugar as fat in your body.

Do you get the gist?

Embrace real food from mother nature.

I really like and agree with this article:

Two ingredient, simple cookies

Dearlove two ingredient cookies

Literally one doller per batch (10 – 13 cookies), these are a cost effective solution to your cookie problem.

I often call my 11 month old the “Johnny Monster” because he is a whirlwind of loud noises, mess and trouble. What does every monster need?? Cookies!! He is such a cookie Monster for these too.

Free from sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, eggs, nuts and nightshades – these will please so many people.

The greatest thing is, this is a fantastic base recipe from which you can build a cookie up any way you like!
I would suggest adding in:
Chocolate chips
Fruit like berries, orange, banana etc.
Nuts (if you can tolerate them)
Chia seed
Vanilla etc.
Or any old thing you have in the cupboard! A boiled kumara? Throw that sucker in and see what happens! Be crazy!! Live life on the wild side!!

Dearlove two ingredient cookies

One cup medjool dates / pitted dates soaked in warm water to soften for 20 min
Two cups desiccated coconut

Or generally a 1:3 ratio of dates to coconut.

How to Simple Cookies:
Pre heat oven to 150C/300F
Whizz together the two ingredients for a minute, scrape sides and whizz for another minute.
Now add anything else you want – oats and maple syrup?? Like Anzac cookies…
Form into cookie shape
Arrange on tray
Bake for 8 – 10 minutes or until they look a little golden. Check out the underside as this burns first…

I hope you enjoy these as much as my cookie monster and I do!! 🙂

Much love,
Aleshia Dearlove xxx


Reclaiming Your Amazing Body While Breastfeeding

Before and After dearlove

Milk-tanker, Moo-moo, Boobs – these are a few of my nicknames now haha. I love them!! While we are more than just a set of boobs, the breastfeeding thing is important for our babies.

First off, let me say – that baby in your arms, you made that! Your uterus was home to your child while they formed all those features which you stare at in awe and kiss every day. Your body was their home while you grew them into tiny humans. Well done. Whether by C-Section or Vaginal, your body has bought life into this world. And now you are making milk for him or her to thrive on!! These are privileges denied to many. Well done, you. You and your body are amazing.


Breastfeeding is a learned thing, you and your new baby learn how to do it together and you both get better at it as time goes on. Once you get the hang of it, you might wonder – is it normal to be so freakin’ thirsty all the time? How am I eating so much food? Can I lose the baby weight while maintaining supply? Yes, yes, yes. Here’s the what and why about it:

Feeling Thirsty?

Your body is producing milk and every Mum I talk to claims to be more thirsty than normal. This is your body telling you you need more water so listen up and drink more water. It is very easy to ignore this signal for thirst while you are looking after your little one so keep a water bottle near by and reach for it when you are thirsty. I keep one next to my bed at night and with me all day. I have found that my 11month old watches me drink water all the time and so has formed a great habit himself of drinking water through the day. Kids learn to be humans by watching us (scary thought!) so set a good example.
A tip is to watch your wees!! If you have dark urine then you need to hydrate!! Aim for a light colour.

Do breastfeeding woman need to eat more calories?

Listen to your body and use your appetite as a cue, if you are hungry then eat. Even if you are hungry at 11pm, eat something. The more your baby feeds, the more you may feel hungry.

Research shows that a sudden drop in caloric intake or not consuming enough calories during breastfeeding might impact on your milk supply. This is why, although woman might be keen to drop their baby weight, the focus should be on health rather than on weight. You can absolutely reclaim your body – and keep it healthy for life – when you focus on eating clean, natural foods while breastfeeding for good milk supply.

After all, when you focus on eating well and building muscle, the weight takes care of itself. This is April 2014 – September 2014, my postpartum body while breastfeeding.

Do not be one of those Mums who set a bad example for their children and skip breakfast, survive on coffee until 2pm then then they are left famished with low blood sugar levels and reach for the chocolate muffin as a pick me up. Make eating natural foods a priority and your kids will be encouraged to as well.


Did you know a sumo wrestlers diet is typically starvation and then a binge?? This is because they know this is the best way to store fat. Are you guilty of eating like a sumo wrestler?

Just as nutrition is important in pregnancy, nutrition is important while breastfeeding. So what does this look like?

Six small meals a day should do it. This looks like: breakfast (within the first hour of waking), snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. This is what a healthy person eats as their blood sugar levels are kept stable all day and, teamed with choosing natural foods, it prevents them from fat storage mode.

Natural foods being anything that grew in the ground or had legs and walked on the land! If the food choice is sugary/processed foods, it will likely also be stored as fat as our bodies have a wee stress when they are injested then they are stored as excess fat. and for nutrition guidelines –


Meat iron is haem, not meat iron is non haem. Iron is best absorbed from meat.
Eating foods high in vitamin c will help baby absorb iron
Why the fuss about iron? The same as your own iron stores deplete when you are pregnant and baby is rapidly growing, babies need iron as they are still rapidly growing. If you needed iron while pregnant, you’ll know that without it you are left exhausted. Iron is also essential for brain development, growth and development.
What do you eat to get enough iron?

Lamb Steak Meal
Lamb Steak Meal

Breastfeeding mums need it ! At 9mg/day (nz ministry).
Haem iron
Beef fillet Steak 173g is 5.8mg
Half cup mussels 7.5mg
Two lamb steaks (116g) 4.0mg
Lamb liver 4.0mg
90g can salmon 2.1mg
Chicken breast (107g) 2.0mg
Pork loin chop (74g) 1.2mg
Tarakihi fillet 0.8mg

Non haem iron
Tofu 100g 5.4mg
Porridge 1cup 1.3mg
Cooked red kidney beans half cup 2.0mg
Lentils half cup 1.2mg
Chickpeas 1.6mg
Brocolli 1 cup 0.9mg
Baked beans 1.6mg
Dates (10) 1.3mg
Spinach one cup 2.5mg
Egg 0.9mg
Multigrain bread 0.7mg
Nz ministry soya beans one cup 8.8mg
Quinoa one cup 2.8mg
Kale one cup 1.2mg

Vitamin c foods kiwi fruit, citrus fruits can help iron to absorb.

Breastfeeding woman need extra calcium which is from diary and other sources.
Nz ministry recommends 1000mg / day RDI for a breastfeeding Mumma
Milk one cup 310mg/day
Prawns 100g 190mg
Salmon small tin 70mg
Tofu 200g 270mg
Spinach 140mg
Cottage cheese 1 tablespoon 9mg
Edam cheese 2cm cube 75mg
Yogurt potter 195mg
Calcium fortified soya drink 286mg
Tofu 100g 105mg
Whole grain bread 33mg
Sardine 66mg
10 almonds 30mg
10 Brazil nuts 68mg
Sesame seeds one tablespoon 88mg
Brocolli cup 59mg

Vitamin D will help calcium absorb, smoking and excess caffeine will inhibit calcium absorption.

Iodine 270mg/day
Bf mums needs more iodine
Because baby is growing rapidly
Pre existing thyroid condition should seek doc advise before taking supplement.
Foods – seaweed, seafood and fish. Now that you can eat sushi again!
Dairy and egg products.
Bread is fortified with iodine.
Recommended daily supplement containing 150mg iodine.

Snack ideas:

Here is a list of snack ideas for busy people:

  • Smoothie (fruit, veges and almond milk/coconut water/ice)
  • Kale chips
  • Kumara chips
  • Roast Carrots with Thyme
  • Home made potato chips
  • Raw veges with home made hummus (chickpea, garlic and olive oil whizzed)
  • Nuts
  • Any fruit
  • A few peices of meat (this is actually high protein ;))
  • Chia seed pudding with stevia and coconut cream
  • Frozen bananas, whizzed to make natural ice cream
  • Buckwheat pancakes (just double the batch from the morning)
  • Home made vegan muffins (see: previous post )
  • Herbal Tea / Coffee / Tea
  • Medjool dates wrapped in bacon
  • Scallops wrapped in bacon – for a fancy snack!
  • Bacon wrapped asparagus – do you see where I am going with this…
  • Home made LSA bars ( )
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Home made truffles ( )
  • Any vegan dessert, really (she is brilliant and lists allergen info)
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Home made milk shakes – with coconut cream, a banana and raw cacao
  • Meatballs
  • Dried dates teamed with strawberries
  • Egg muffins (whisk eggs with veges and optional meat, bake in muffin tray)

And many more! You are only limited by your shopping trolley.

Remember, if you only buy good food then you only eat good food!!

Let Us Rap
Let Us Rap

Kellymom has an excellent article on Mother’s Diet, here: