Five Fun Fit Tips for Summer Body Lovin’

The holidays are a wonderful time to rest, relax and enjoy time spent with loved ones.


Five Fun Fit Tips for the Holidays:

1. “Can I walk it?”

The simplicity of this fit tip makes it ideal for holiday season. When you have somewhere to go, consider walking there.

Can you walk to:
A friend’s house
The Beach
The bottle shop
The dairy or fish n chip shop
The cafe/restaurant/pub
The markets
The fair / event
In between shops
Supermarket – bonus* take the kids at 7am and get set up for your day plus get your exercise done and dusted!

A walk is also a great way to spend your time with friends and family exploring your destination. Remember to stop and look at the rock pools or a birds nest etc. Nature is truly amazing.


2. Challenge family and friends to competitions.
Great for during television ad breaks, try “the most press ups/sit ups/star jumps in one ad break” and keep scores for a whole program.
Challenge your loved ones to simple running races e.g. “first one to the mail box wins”.
Skipping competition – first one to 100.
How big a splash you can make by doing bombs into the water? Bet I can make a bigger splash…
Kids especially will love taking on the adults at these!


3. Aim to do something active every day. Enjoy time at the swimming pool, do a family game of cricket/touch/beach volleyball, swimming at the beach, go on an early morning hike, check out the caves at the beach etc.


4. For those with younger children, get them pumped by using the old bargaining tool of “when we make it to the top of the hill, we’ll blow bubbles/fly a kite” etc. A bonus is this can also be a card up your sleeve for monitoring behavior, “Johnny, if you don’t eat your breakfast then we can’t walk up the hill to blow bubbles this morning”.
Or, younger children make great weights for adults! Try making faces and lifting your baby up and down, away from your face for an arm work out or on your leg as a horsie ride – your limbs will feel it! Take wee breaks then another ‘set’ of baby weights. They love the bonding time with you, they giggle like crazy and it is good for their development. Total win.


4. Take the opportunity to do something outside of your comfort zone and perhaps spontaneous. Hire a kayak/paddle board or try a thai chi class, a yoga class, do a fun run, go snorkeling etc. You’ll create memories, bond together and be getting in exercise.


5. Picnics. Get a few snacks and water, go down to the park and have a picnic. Choose somewhere that has an open field for a game of tag or chase, my 11mo adores playing chase. We say “I’m coming to get you!” and he runs away giggling!
Or, run after the seagulls and the waves at a beach picnic.


Enjoy your holiday and take the opportunities you have to move your body! Your body and mind are better relaxed after a little physical activity and being active will help you sleep better.

Plus, if you want to drink the wine you should be putting in the exercise time! Or you might just end up wearing your extra indulgences for weeks to come.

Love yourself by treating your body with a little respect.


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