Quinoa as Baby Food – Especially for Allergy Babies

I often joke to my partner about how our baby eats better than we do. But It is no joke, my 10 month old seriously eats better than we do!!

Baby Food
Baby Food

Quinoa is easy for babies to chew, swallow and digest and is low in allergens, making it an ideal baby food.

As Mums it is an exciting time when can introduce solids. If your baby has allergies and you are unsure what to use as a staple food – try quinoa! Ditch the packet crap, this is so easy. My baby eats Quinoa on the regular. Almost daily.

Quinoa can be served to babies 6 months and up, however if you are worried about it’s texture, stick to quinoa cereal or try some of the ideas below to help it go down smoothly.

It is easy for me to whip a batch up once a week (while I serve the rest for our dinner) and pop the food in the freezer.

Nutritionally, Quinoa is packed full of protein. It contains ALL 9 essential amino acids.
Quinoa has almost twice the fiber of other grains.
Quinoa also contains iron, lysine, magnesium, manganese and Riboflavin (B2).


  • Here, it has been boiled with mashed pumpkin, kale and butchers dairy/gluten/wheat free sausage pieces.
  • Boil it and serve it in home made Bone Broth, for added amino acids. Ideal for babies who are working on leaky gut/immunity.
  • Quinoa with mince/shredded meat and avocado.
  • Quinoa with mashed kumara (sweet potato) and kale.
  • Quinoa with cubed chicken and gravy made from adding coconut cream to the pan after cooking the chicken and heating.
  • Quinoa with carrot puree, kale and meat.
  • Quinoa cereal is another alternative and is best served with something sweet such as fruit. Top with coconut yogurt.
  • It can also be made into rusks – a post on how to make them will be coming up next 🙂

Have fun feeding your little ones!! What a magical time it is, learning how to use a spoon and the hand eye co-ordination it takes to feed oneself. They’ll be sitting at the table eating with you before you know it so take your time, enjoy the moment.


Note: I favor kale over spinach and silverbeet as kale is the easiest for little bellies to digest. Let’s not make an allergy babies gut work any harder than it needs to. It is packed full of nutrients.


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