The Allergy Friendly “Butter” with Garlic

Dearlove Health Garlic Butter Alternative
Dearlove Health Garlic Butter Alternative

But I can’t have garlic butter, I don’t do dairy.

But! You can!

You probably already have these simple ingredients in the cupboards.

This recipe is quick and easy. It is free from hydrogenated oil, dairy, soy, egg, nut, gluten, wheat, nightshades, sugar and suitable for those on AIP / Auto Immune Protocol Diets and diabetics.

Recommended Serving Suggestion: How about using it instead of a rub on steak, so then you cook the steak in it (no additional oil needed). Finish with a dollop on top. This is ultimate garlic deliciousness, the garlic infuses all the way through the lamb steak. Shut the gate! Yumm!!

Lamb Steak Meal
Lamb Steak Meal with garlic ‘butter’


  • Three dessert spoons of Coconut Oil (room temp soft)
  • A drizz of Olive Oil (approx. a spoonful)
  • A clove of garlic
  • Two – Three teaspoons of Himalayan Salt
  • One dessert spoon of chilled coconut cream
Garlic Butter Ingredients
Garlic Butter Ingredients (the coconut cream was an afterthought so is missing from the picture)

How To – Allergy Friendly Garlic Butter

Crush the garlic within an inch of it’s life (finely crushed).

Add the coconut oil, combine

Add the olive oil and salt, combine

Add the coconut cream, combine

Pestle and Mortar Method
Pestle and Mortar Method

Spoon into a container/small bowl and refrigerate for about half an hour or until solidified.

Try with and without garlic as a healthy margarine or butter alternative.Garlic Butter and Pestel


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