Vegan Desserts (plus recipe)

Truffles to make my clients chuff-led
Truffles to make my clients chuffed

Baking is such a lovely gift to give people. They are also so thrilled and touched at the effort and love you put into making something just for them to enjoy.

I surprised my clients with home made truffles at training last night. As a health coach, it’s my honor and responsibility to ensure that my clients learn about the world of vegan desserts!

Once your eyes have opened and your taste buds have danced to the healthy treat Symphony, there is no going back. Why would you go back? You have found the answer, the key to literally baking your cake and eating it too.  It is wonderful that raw / vegan / healthy / allergy desserts are going more mainstream now. This means variety for us in terms of recipes shared online and this means we are seeing healthy treats popping up in shops as well. Hurrah!

There is a weird stigma with vegan desserts though. It’s that some people seem so concerned with what’s in them, even though they are usually real food products. Then they shut down the dessert without trying it, “oh no, I won’t eat that. I don’t like dates”. Dates to vegan desserts is like sugar or salt to traditional baking, we wouldn’t sit there and eat a cup of sugar or enjoy a spoon of salt but they are essential ingredients to cooking used to add and enhance flavor. This dessert doesn’t taste like individual dates, just like traditional desserts don’t taste like baking soda or flour, tastes like chocolate. Try it before you knock it down.

The truffles are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those who have quit sugar, or cannot tolerate dairy, soya, egg, gluten, wheat and nightshades.

Ingredients for basic truffles:

Note: My clients can tolerate nuts so I have used them here however this recipe works wonderfully without nuts.

  • One cup desiccated coconuts
  • One cup medjool dates or dates soaked in warm water for 20minutes
  • Half a cup activated cashews (soak in hot water for an hour if possible but can be used unsoaked)
  • Half a cup hazlenuts
  • Three dessert spoons of cocoa

Whizz in the food processor for a minute, scrape sides then whizz for another minute.

Using fingers,  form into ball shape.

Enjoy without guilt!! These are so good for you that they can be eaten at breakfast time.

Vegan, dairy soya egg wheat gluten sugar free truffles
Vegan, dairy soya egg wheat gluten sugar free truffles

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