Chocolate Crumble Raw Jar

Raw Jar: Chocolate Crumble
Raw Jar: Chocolate Crumble


This raw, clean dessert is so delicious that I ate the entire jar! I also ate half of my partners one (sorry, Scott!). It can be made ahead and stored in the fridge… for how long? Really? Who can wait for it past overnight.. if you do test how long you can leave it in the fridge for, please comment below.

I am planning on making these with strawberries on top for Christmas Day. They are that pretty, delicious and fuss free.

Of course, it is also allergy friendly and free from dairy, soya, nut, egg, wheat, gluten and refined sugar. It is in line with AIP / Auto Immune Protocol and will please the whole family.

No bake, so don’t worry about the oven. All you will need is a food processor, spoons and serving jars. This dessert can be whipped up at a moments notice and devoured immediately… with no guilt!!

How To: Chocolate Crumble Raw Jar

Layer Yum:

One cup desiccated coconut
One cup medjool dates (or regular dates soaked in warm water for 20 minutes)

Combine this in the food processor. Set aside.

Layer yum - crumble
Layer yum – crumble

Layer Two:

One ripe avocado
A third cup cocoa
A third cup stevia (or your preferred sweetner, quantity to your liking)
One tin of chilled coconut cream

Combine this in the food processor for a minute, scrape down the sides and combine for another minute. This will be similar to chocolate mousse – um, yum!

Layer chocolate
Layer chocolate

Here’s the fun part! Drop the layers, one by one, into the jars using spoons. This will be a little messy so just go with it – the mess will add to the look and you’ll say to people “I meant to do that”.

Dearlove Raw Jar
Dearlove Raw Jar

Keep adding layer on layer until the jar is full. Sprinkle with additional coconut. You’re done!!

Ready to Eat
Ready to Eat

A good cook always does a little quality control. I let my allergy baby eat as much of this as he wants, which is a VERY big deal in my household!! The dessert is simply that healthy.

Quality Control - Allergy baby approves
Quality Control – Allergy baby approves

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