Dearlove Health Coaching – Week 3 Progress

Dearlove Health - Results
Dearlove Health – Results

I love getting messages like this from my clients!!! This busy career woman has a goal to lose one dress size in her ten weeks with me. Easy!

A few small changes here and there to lifestyle all adds up. Results in three weeks? Yes!

I am here to motivate, inspire, support and educate my clients. I do not have a ’12 step plan’ or a one size fits all package.. I do not focus on what to do… you know what to do… I focus on why you’re doing it and I hold you accountable for reaching your own goals.

My goal with every client is that when our ten weeks are up, they will never need the same service from me again because they will have successfully made positive lifestyle changes for life.

I believe the most effective way to sustainable lifestyle changes is in creating the conditions for my clients to be successful.

If you would like a free consultation to see how I can assist you in reaching your health goal,  please contact me

Have a blessed day x

A way of life
A way of life

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