Allergy Friendly Sushi

Mt. Friendly Suhi
Mt. Friendly Sushi

You know how food shops have way of wafting an aroma directly into your nostrils as you walk past? It entices your senses, makes you want it, makes you crave it! It was sushi for me as I walked my baby out of his wiggle and rhyme class. Obviously buying store bought sushi is just too much of a risk to justify for us allergy friends… soya is a usual ingredient, who knows what’s in the sauce plus the rice could have wheat, gluten and added sugar.

Although I haven’t rolled nori since taking Japanese in high school, I gave a go. It tasted wonderful and there were plenty of leftovers.

This meal is free from dairy, soya, egg, nuts, wheat, gluten, sugar and nighstshades. It follows AIP / Autoimmune protocol and the meat can be easily substituted for a vegan/vegetarian alternative.

Allergy friendly sushi ingredients:

Brown rice cooked via absorption method. One cup rice, two cups water. Leave to boil, stir a couple of times. When water is nearly absorbed, put a lid on it. After 5minutes,  keeping the lid on, remove from heat as you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Nori (seaweed)

Chicken breast cooked in garlic and grated ginger, then cut into long strips

Cucumber cut into long strips

Avocado fashioned into long strips

Carrot, also cut into long strips

A bowl with water

How to:

As a visual learner, this site is much more clear than my written instructions

Lie the nori onto a flat surface, spread rice on nori leaving a line free at the top (so you can see the nori).

Place a row of fillings on top of the rice, in one row about 3/4 of the way down.

Hold the top end of the nori and fold over the fillings using either your hands or a suhsi roller. Roll it over itself over and over until you have a sushi roll.

Totally OK to serve as a sushi roll, otherwise use a sharp knife to cut into sushi pieces.

Enjoy this light and satisfying meal. Making sushi at home means you have total control over every ingredient so you can eat without risking a reaction. For those who cannot tolerate brown rice or would like a protein packed alternativehave you considered quinoa as a filling?


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