Let Us Rap

Let Us Rap

Who Needs a Bap

Hold the Buns!!

Let Us Rap
Dearlove Hearty Let Us Rap

While my super cool poetry might not win me any awards, this lettuce wrap seriously could!!

It is an amazing burger substitute which my family enjoyed outside on the back lawn with a picnic rug on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Barefoot Baby Al Fresco Dining
Barefoot Baby Al Fresco Dining

Of course,  this meal is free from dairy, egg, soya, nuts, wheat, gluten,  nightshades and sugar. It follows AIP / Auto Immune Protocol. The meat can be easily removed to make it vegan/vegetarian.

Quinoa and kale are seriously trendy superfoods. Together, they provide complete protein plus iron and calcium. This meal loves you!


Roast carrot and beetroot

Lettuce leaves


Cooked quinoa

Kumara (sweet potato) mash with roast onion and kale whizzed in

Premium butchers lamb mince cooked in garlic and olive oil.

How to:

Mix together quinoa, sweet potato and lamb mince to form the lettuce leaf filling.

Top lettuce leaf cup with the filling,  roast veges and avocado. Sprinkle with himalayan salt and cracked pepper, if desired.

My 9mo (and 30+ year old boyfriend) both absolutely loved this meal! I hope you do too 🙂


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