Brown Rice Salad Stir Fry

Dearlove Fried Brown Rice
Dearlove Brown Rice Salad

If you’re anything like me, you always cook too much brown rice. I cook brown rice to the same measurements each time,  one cup rice to two cups water. Between two adults and one baby, that’s a lot of rice!

Ahh left overs. What a great lunch. Drizz with hemp oil and sprinkle with kelp for ultimate midday nourishment.

Rest assured that this is free from dairy, egg, soya, wheat, gluten, nuts and nightshades. It also follows AIP  Auto Immune Protocol and is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

How to: Dearlove Fried Rice Salad.

Carrot and sweet potato, unpeeled and grated.

Garlic, crushed.

Onion, chopped

Cucumber slices and Avocado to garnish

Hemp oil to add omegas as essential fatty acids and a nutty flavour.

Kelp powder sprinkle

Olive oil to fry.

In a hot wok, fry garlic and onion until fragrant.

Throw in grated veges and stir fry for a few minutes.

Throw in cooked brown rice and stir fry for a few minutes.

Add additional herbs/spices/meat/veges if desired.

Serve in a bowl with avocado and cucumber,  drizze with hemp oil.

Sprinkle with wonderfully smelly kelp powder for extra health benefits. Kelp contains many trace element minerals and even ultra trace element minerals which are essential to human health but are becoming harder to obtain as our soils become depleted in minerals. Makes sense to look to the sea for these minerals, as this is where all life came from. For more info on kelp, visit:

Have a great day. x


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