Health Coaching Session – Group 1, Week 1

Them stairs
Them stairs

This weekend was a well earned long weekend for labour day. My wonderful clients chose to get up early, while the rest of New Zealand slept in, and spend the morning with me working out and discussing good health. I am thrilled they showed such great commitment to their well being.

Legs Day
Legs Day

It was our first work out together but that didn’t mean I was going easy on them. Check out the stairs at Mt Eden!! We had leg wobbles, a flock of pigeons swoop in, a spew in the bush and lots of laughs. I had put aside 40 minutes for the work out and they absolutely smashed it in under 25.

Feedback From Legs Day
Feedback From Legs Day

We enjoyed a coffee post work out and discussed the basics of good health and their individual goals. All my girls have individual goals in mind and each want totally different things from me. I have them for same ten weeks but they will each have personalized and unique plans. It is so exciting to be working with them on their wellness journeys!

I use a “MISE” system. I want to Motivate, Inspire, Support and Educate my clients. My job is to get them results which last for life! I am not a gym, I am not a big company, I do not want repeat clients (unless they have a new goal, of course) :).

I expect big things from my girls and in return they can expect big things from me.

Bring on the next session!! Woohoo!!


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