Allergy Friendly Chicken Bacon Burger and Chocolate Thickshake

Dearlove Health Burger and Thickshake
Dearlove Health Burger and Thickshake

It’s not always as simple as just eating a burger and thick shake for allergy sufferers or even for the the health conscious among us.

How good does this look?

It is dairy, soya, egg, nut, wheat, gluten, nightshade and yeast free and following Auto Immune Protocol (AIP). You’ve got protein, complex carbs and necessary fats in one meal here which will fill you up in one serve. So dig in and enjoy, guilt free!

Chicken Bacon Burger with Chocolate Thick Shake

Chicken Bacon Burger

Build with the following:

  • Streaky Bacon – grilled
  • Chicken breasts poached then lightly fried in a little olive oil
  • Lettuce and any other salads you desire
  • The Bread? I bought it at Countdown in Pakuranga, Auckland however I can’t find the name of it online now grr. It is sour dough toast made from brown rice and is allergy friendly (including yeast free) – although not cheap! I will update when I can name the product.

Chocolate Thickshake

In a food processor:

Whizz a tin of full fat coconut cream (chilled overnight) with cocoa/cacao and stevia. This gives seriously thick thick shake, tone it down a bit by adding ice cubes or using less chilled coconut cream.

This makes an excellent dinner or lunch. I love allergy cooking and updating greasy brown bags of fatty foods with plates of clean, healthy goodness.


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