Dearlove Health Cookies !

Dearlove Health Cookies
Dearlove Health Cookies

Cookies for breakfast!! I made these this morning for my little brother who is dairy and egg free. They would be an ideal ‘breakfast on the run’ cookie or made into bars for a lunch box treat.
They are sugar, wheat, gluten, soya, egg, dairy and nut free.


2 x large ripe bananas
Half a diced red apple|
Handful of berries (this is cranberries)
About a cup of gluten free oats
A sprinkle of cinnamon

Yeilds 6 cookies

  1. Pre Heat Oven to 180 degrees C (356 degrees F) and line a baking tray
  2. Mash bananas
  3. Add in a bowl with oats and cinnamon
  4. Add all other ingredients
  5. Combine well
  6. Shape into cookies or bars (or stars or hearts)
  7. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown
Dearlove Health Cookies
Dearlove Health Cookies

These make an ideal treat for both adults and kiddies alike as they are free from refined sugar. This recipe is such a great base recipe to get creative with! If you have dates, shredded coconut, carob, can tolerate nuts etc. then chuck them all in and have fun experimenting with flavors.

The batch lasted all of 10 minutes in this house!

Have a wonderful day xxx


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