Allergy Friendly Not-Curry with Paste and Raw ‘Anything Sauce’ Recipes

Wonderful not-curry
Wonderful not-curry

What’s a not-curry? It’s curry inspired in method but tastes like goodness on a plate. It is quite simply, delicious! This not-curry follows Auto Immune / AIP Protocol and is dairy, soya, wheat, gluten, egg, nut, sugar and nightshade free.

The paste and sauce are super easy to whip up and can be prepared a little ahead of time.

Just about anything that could make a Nightshade / AIP friendly paste! Get creative here.
Whizz an onion, a few cloves of garlic, a tsp of cinnamon, chopped ginger and a drizze of olive oil.

This ‘anything sauce’ is a fantastic raw sauce which you can use on anything you wish. 

Simply whizz half a cucumber with an avocado in the food processor.

That’s it! Add mint if you fancy.

Not-curry paste and Anything Sauce
Not-curry paste and Anything Sauce

Now for my special not-curry method and assembly. If I had a trumpet, I would be blowing it. This is insane!!

You’ll need the paste, 500g of cubed chicken breast, a tin of coconut cream for cooking then the sauce on top for serving.

  1.  Place paste in wok or pan with olive oil until fragrant
  2. Add chicken
  3. Stir until chicken is cooked
  4. Add a tin of coconut cream
  5. Set the timer for 20 minutes and go play with your children, stir once or twice but I just let it go. I burnt the bottom a little and perhaps that added to the flavor lol :). The coconut cream will evaporate so don’t panic if it looks like you’re in for a saucy meal at this stage.
  6. Serve on brown rice or cauliflower rice and top with my ‘anything’ sauce.

I hope you absolutely love this simple, easy and impressive not-curry with not-curry paste and anything sauce. It is perfect for allergy friendly and AIP / Auto Immune Protocol and the taste is amazing.

Dearlove Health Not-Curry
Dearlove Health Not-Curry

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