Passionate about good health

Everything in life leads you to where you are right now. My wellness journey is made up of past influences, present day motivation and hope for the future.
My Dad suffers from diabetes, he is absolutely addicted to sugar. I know where he keeps a chocolate stash and I find the wrappers under the couch when he comes to babysit! I am not sure why he gives himself permission to disrespect his body like he does. From this, I have realized that I am the only person who can give my son a happy, healthy Mother who loves life and I aim to be that for him for the rest of my life.When my boy was 9 weeks old, I did a cross fit style boot camp with the amazing Karena @superchargedfitness (instagram) as part of the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge. Through this, I won a scholarship to study for a certificate in Nutrition. I passed this certificate last week with a mark of 100% (hurrah!) and it has really helped to ignite a passion for real and whole foods.
My allergy influence is my gorgeous son, Johnny. He has been battling food intolerance’s and eczema since he was 2 months old and it is awful. Watching your baby son itch, scratch, bleed, scream, cry and look you in the eyes with tears as if begging for you to make the torture stop has broken my heart day after day. He was covered head to toe, not even his pinky finger was spared.
We believe that medical science and natural remedies can co exist and do not advocate one over the other. We have been combining both, antibiotics for raging infections which are no match for tea tree oil, and focusing on gut health to rid our boy of eczema. We are trying to kill of candida and avoid his food intolerance’s which has resulted in what appears to be a very intense list of foods we don’t eat (‘we’ as I am breastfeeding). We are free from dairy, soya, gluten, wheat, eggs, fish, nuts, nightshades and sugar.
When we have had to give antibiotics, we start from scratch with gut health and have noticed a REMARKABLE improvement over time. We are onto a good thing! Yay!
We have established great food habits, getting creative in the kitchen to create delicious food which we all love. There is no use in being upset about allergies/intolerance’s. They are what they are and my wee family are making he most of it. Allergy challenge? Bring it on!


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