Motivate Me

Today is the day

Finding the motivation to work out can be harder than actually working out!

No one ever regrets working out and we all know the physical and mental benefits, so why is getting off the couch for one hour every day so hard and what can you do to motivate yourself?

I asked around for a few opinions on motivation from some gorgeous and inspirational people. They all said things like, “I love it”, “endorphins” or “it makes me feel great”, which is awesome for them,  but it’s not the answer I was looking for.  I wanted to know why they love it, how did they come to love it? When they have had a bad day, for example, what makes them still reach for the healthy option over chocolate ice cream or get off their sad bums and go to the gym?  As a wise friend put it, “Motivation. It’s a bit of a paradox. To have motivation in the first place you need to be motivated.”

Here are some hot tips on getting motivation when you are starting out:

Have a goal. Write down your goal. Remind yourself of your goal daily.


I believe motivation is like taking a shower, it needs to happen daily. Motivation triggers can be a picture on the fridge,  reading quotes, a pair of jeans you want to fit back into, an upcoming holiday/wedding/reunion. Keep your mind actively thinking of why you started. Have you had your motivation shower today?

Make a public goal. It’s no use only saying to yourself that you will run in that 5km event or lose 10kg because then you lose the public arena pressure. When you make your goal, tell your husband, your girlfriend, dear old Nana, that person on facebook, your sons teacher – tell everyone! Telling people will motivate you to get on with it.

Once you tell people, keep telling them how you are doing and in return they will keep asking how you are doing. This means you will think twice before you cancel a training session because someone will hit you up about it.

Motivation Shower
Motivation Shower

Stop thinking of all the reasons why you can’t. Got too much going on in your life? Perfect! This is an opportunity to get some control.  You control when the alarm goes off in the morning, you control if you wear yoga pants for exercise or comfort, you control what you put in your mouth.

You can do this. You got this. Start today. Start right now. Not at the end of this article but right now. Great stuff, now you’ve started. Congrats, you’re motivating yourself just by reading this and deciding to start Right Now.

Start now
Start now

Get a coach, like myself, to give you the push you need and hold you accountable for each step in reaching your goal.  Making sure you succeed is my favorite thing to do. I will expect big things from you and in return you can expect big things from me.

Take action
Take action

How do you motivate yourself to start? What motivated you in the beginning? What does motivation look like to you?


Allergy Friendly Chicken Bacon Burger and Chocolate Thickshake

Dearlove Health Burger and Thickshake
Dearlove Health Burger and Thickshake

It’s not always as simple as just eating a burger and thick shake for allergy sufferers or even for the the health conscious among us.

How good does this look?

It is dairy, soya, egg, nut, wheat, gluten, nightshade and yeast free and following Auto Immune Protocol (AIP). You’ve got protein, complex carbs and necessary fats in one meal here which will fill you up in one serve. So dig in and enjoy, guilt free!

Chicken Bacon Burger with Chocolate Thick Shake

Chicken Bacon Burger

Build with the following:

  • Streaky Bacon – grilled
  • Chicken breasts poached then lightly fried in a little olive oil
  • Lettuce and any other salads you desire
  • The Bread? I bought it at Countdown in Pakuranga, Auckland however I can’t find the name of it online now grr. It is sour dough toast made from brown rice and is allergy friendly (including yeast free) – although not cheap! I will update when I can name the product.

Chocolate Thickshake

In a food processor:

Whizz a tin of full fat coconut cream (chilled overnight) with cocoa/cacao and stevia. This gives seriously thick thick shake, tone it down a bit by adding ice cubes or using less chilled coconut cream.

This makes an excellent dinner or lunch. I love allergy cooking and updating greasy brown bags of fatty foods with plates of clean, healthy goodness.

Health Coaching Session – Group 1, Week 1

Them stairs
Them stairs

This weekend was a well earned long weekend for labour day. My wonderful clients chose to get up early, while the rest of New Zealand slept in, and spend the morning with me working out and discussing good health. I am thrilled they showed such great commitment to their well being.

Legs Day
Legs Day

It was our first work out together but that didn’t mean I was going easy on them. Check out the stairs at Mt Eden!! We had leg wobbles, a flock of pigeons swoop in, a spew in the bush and lots of laughs. I had put aside 40 minutes for the work out and they absolutely smashed it in under 25.

Feedback From Legs Day
Feedback From Legs Day

We enjoyed a coffee post work out and discussed the basics of good health and their individual goals. All my girls have individual goals in mind and each want totally different things from me. I have them for same ten weeks but they will each have personalized and unique plans. It is so exciting to be working with them on their wellness journeys!

I use a “MISE” system. I want to Motivate, Inspire, Support and Educate my clients. My job is to get them results which last for life! I am not a gym, I am not a big company, I do not want repeat clients (unless they have a new goal, of course) :).

I expect big things from my girls and in return they can expect big things from me.

Bring on the next session!! Woohoo!!


When nursing a baby means putting restrictions on Mum’s diet, don’t people love to give advice!

You’ve finally figured out what food your baby is allergic to /  intolerant of. After days, weeks or months of painful trial and error, you’ve pin pointed which food needs to be avoided. What a relief! Now it’s as easy as Mum and baby avoiding the food and getting on with enjoying life. But hang on, what’s that? Oh good. More advice from in laws/friends/families/that random person in the elevator.  Good.  Because being an allergy Mum is an easy, thoughtless situation which you do not struggle with at all and need conflicting opinions on 🙂

I am breastfeeding my now 9 month old, Johnny. He is intolerant to a couple of foods, some foods aggravate his eczema and we are also working to kill candida/improve gut health along side a naturopath’s recommendations (our wonderful naturopath is also a qualified nutritionist).

This combination of things mean that we are living free from dairy, soya, egg, nut, yeast, corn, mushrooms, fish, sugar, wheat, gluten and nightshades. If I eat any of the above, my baby suffers for it. So naturally, I don’t eat any of the above. Logical, yes? Apparently not…

Don’t people love to give advice on how you parent!? It certainly seems like everyone has an opinion on breastfeeding a baby who cannot tolerate all food groups. I have had all the comments, “you need to wean him so you can eat a chocolate bar/drink beer/go out for dinner etc.” “If you don’t wean him now, he’ll be breastfeeding forever” “You’ve lost weight, you need to wean him” “You should just eat a little bit of this or that” “He’s probably not allergic to all those things” “it’s been two weeks and he hasn’t improved” “He needs to go on formula/milk alternative so you can have your life back” blah blah blah blah. I never thought that I would have to justify what is between my breasts and my baby especially when it is for his well being.

I am fine with other people’s decisions on how they choose to feed their babies, why can’t they also accept mine? Feeling the pressure I actually got a script for some allergy friendly formula from the Dr and found the main ingredient is Corn suryp! What! I don’t eat corn syrup and I will not give my baby it instead of nursing him just so I can have a night off and drink beer. No, I will not try my offspring on the milk of another animal instead of human milk so I can fill my body with wheat. No, I don’t feel like I am missing out on eating fast food so much that I need to wean my baby.

When your baby has allergies or eczema, as a modern parent (one who uses google), you fast become an expert in that field. I have spent many a night up until 3am reading through websites looking for ‘the cure’ or at least looking to relieve the itch of eczema. You want the best for your child so you do the best you can.

For me, that is breastfeeding my child for as long as we’re both happy to. Obviously I will not be showing up at the school gate at lunch time in four years time with a boob out but you get what I mean! 🙂

I have embraced an allergy friendly lifestyle, it has added to a passion for creative cooking and I am learning about all kinds of fun ‘hippie’ things such as fermenting, both broths, mineral balls for the laundry etc. It is a change in lifestyle,  not the end of life.

Also, while I can’t drink beer… yes, I can drink a vegan wine. Yes, I can still eat certain kinds of bacon. Yes, I now eat MORE than ever and yes, my son’s health is the best it has ever been!The fam bam

Parenting is a very personal thing, you parent in ways that sit right with your own beliefs and values. The way I parent isn’t right or wrong generally, but it is right for my family.

Dearlove Health Cookies !

Dearlove Health Cookies
Dearlove Health Cookies

Cookies for breakfast!! I made these this morning for my little brother who is dairy and egg free. They would be an ideal ‘breakfast on the run’ cookie or made into bars for a lunch box treat.
They are sugar, wheat, gluten, soya, egg, dairy and nut free.


2 x large ripe bananas
Half a diced red apple|
Handful of berries (this is cranberries)
About a cup of gluten free oats
A sprinkle of cinnamon

Yeilds 6 cookies

  1. Pre Heat Oven to 180 degrees C (356 degrees F) and line a baking tray
  2. Mash bananas
  3. Add in a bowl with oats and cinnamon
  4. Add all other ingredients
  5. Combine well
  6. Shape into cookies or bars (or stars or hearts)
  7. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown
Dearlove Health Cookies
Dearlove Health Cookies

These make an ideal treat for both adults and kiddies alike as they are free from refined sugar. This recipe is such a great base recipe to get creative with! If you have dates, shredded coconut, carob, can tolerate nuts etc. then chuck them all in and have fun experimenting with flavors.

The batch lasted all of 10 minutes in this house!

Have a wonderful day xxx

Allergy Friendly Not-Curry with Paste and Raw ‘Anything Sauce’ Recipes

Wonderful not-curry
Wonderful not-curry

What’s a not-curry? It’s curry inspired in method but tastes like goodness on a plate. It is quite simply, delicious! This not-curry follows Auto Immune / AIP Protocol and is dairy, soya, wheat, gluten, egg, nut, sugar and nightshade free.

The paste and sauce are super easy to whip up and can be prepared a little ahead of time.

Just about anything that could make a Nightshade / AIP friendly paste! Get creative here.
Whizz an onion, a few cloves of garlic, a tsp of cinnamon, chopped ginger and a drizze of olive oil.

This ‘anything sauce’ is a fantastic raw sauce which you can use on anything you wish. 

Simply whizz half a cucumber with an avocado in the food processor.

That’s it! Add mint if you fancy.

Not-curry paste and Anything Sauce
Not-curry paste and Anything Sauce

Now for my special not-curry method and assembly. If I had a trumpet, I would be blowing it. This is insane!!

You’ll need the paste, 500g of cubed chicken breast, a tin of coconut cream for cooking then the sauce on top for serving.

  1.  Place paste in wok or pan with olive oil until fragrant
  2. Add chicken
  3. Stir until chicken is cooked
  4. Add a tin of coconut cream
  5. Set the timer for 20 minutes and go play with your children, stir once or twice but I just let it go. I burnt the bottom a little and perhaps that added to the flavor lol :). The coconut cream will evaporate so don’t panic if it looks like you’re in for a saucy meal at this stage.
  6. Serve on brown rice or cauliflower rice and top with my ‘anything’ sauce.

I hope you absolutely love this simple, easy and impressive not-curry with not-curry paste and anything sauce. It is perfect for allergy friendly and AIP / Auto Immune Protocol and the taste is amazing.

Dearlove Health Not-Curry
Dearlove Health Not-Curry

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

It seems vegan desserts are the new black!

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake that will nourish your body. Even those of us who are free from sugar, dairy, soya, eggs, nuts, wheat and gluten can enjoy this guilt free treat.

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake
Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake


A cup of dates (soak regular dates in hot water for 20 minutes or use medjool dates)
Two tablespoons of cocoa or cacao
“Free from gluten” arrowroot biscutes (alternatively, use your own nut combination or shredded coconuts)
Combine all ingredients in a food processor until combined. Press into a cake tin. Put in the fridge to harden. Done!


Whipped coconut cream (chill a can of full fat coconut cream, then whip it)
Two tablespoons of cocoa or cacao
Three – Five tablespoons of stevia, depending on how sweet you like it
One ripe avocado/one ripe banana – These are additional nourishment options which add to (improve) the texture and flavour

Combine all ingredients in a food processor
Pour onto the base. Put in fridge to harden.

Lick the bowl.

If you can wait for it, wait for a few hours before slicing into this chocolate dream.

I made this cake for my little brothers 25th birthday, he is allergic to dairy and eggs. We definitely didn’t wait for it to set which is why the mousse is running over the base in the photo – not a bad thing, in my opinion. It was delicious!